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VI Kielce Science Festival

For further information:

or contact:

  • Urszula Świerczyńska-Kaczor, PhD
    Director of Kielce Science Festival
    Tel: +48 502 175 400
    Fax: +48 41 349 72 94


Kielce, Świętokrzyski Region
17-25 September 2005
Organised by: the Świętokrzyska Academy, in co-operation with other academic and research institutions, schools, museums, hospitals, local associations, and social organisations.

Official poster of the 6th Kielce Science Festival
Over 200 events are scheduled in this new edition of the Kielce Science Festival, mainly in the field of physics, medicine, psychology and history. The local community, and especially young people, will have the opportunity to discuss interesting topics with experts, to join guided tours, to watch films and multimedia presentations, and to take part in special workshops and competitions. During the festival, the local academic and research institutions will show how they work and what they do for the Świętokrzyski region.

These are some example topics:

  • Medicine and us – Among the festival presentations connected with health issues, a special medical conference is planned.   Real surgery will be transmitted live to the hospital conference room and, then, doctors will conduct an open debate about health issues. A special science café will be open daily to explore different psychotherapy methods.
  • Physics for everyone – Main event: students will run physics experiments in the major shopping centre of the region.
  • Experience history – Main event: a picnic   relating to the history of Vikings and Celts.
  • The Świętokrzyskie dinosaurs – A picnic and science conference about archaeological discoveries in the Świętokrzyski Region.

European Researchers’ Night

Many interesting events are especially planned for the European Researchers’ Night on 23 September. These will include:

  • A science café
  • Special workshops on racial and national prejudices
  • An archaeological conference on the history of the Świętokrzyski Region
  • Art performances, such as theatre, and craft workshops, such as pottery (where everyone can enjoy making their own pot)

Logo of the Kielce Science Festival Logo of the Świętokrzyska Academy


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