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European Researchers’ Night – ICHIM 05 - Digital Doctoral Dissertation Night

For further information:
  • ICHIM 05
  • Matteo Merzagora
    ICHIM 05 – Salle Guisez
    Cité internationale universitaire de Paris - Maison internationale17 Boulevard Jourdan
    F-75014 Paris
    Tel: +33 1 44 16 64 47
    Fax: +33 1 53 01 67 42


Paris, Cité Internationale Universitaire
23 September 2005, 20.30
Organised by: ICHIM, Archives & Museums Informatics, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and the Cité Internationale Universitaire of Paris

ICHIM 05, the Ninth International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting, will take place from 21-23 September 2005 at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and at the Cité Internationale in Paris. The event this year will revolve around that theme of ‘Digital Culture and Heritage’, and will address issues related to technology and culture from policy to evaluation, from design through creation, management, development, research and application. It will include master classes, meetings, demonstrations, and exhibitions.

As part of the scheduled activities, the ‘Digital Doctoral Dissertation’ Night will present the ten finalists of a research contest open to projects on technological art, digital culture and the computerisation of heritage. The contest will provide an opportunity for young creative researchers to present their doctoral or post-doctoral research projects. It will feature a series of presentations, which are expected to be enticing, fascinating, seductive, humorous or very serious. It will throw the spotlight on research and researchers who are still in the shadows today, but deserve to be better recognized. This is a contest to highlight the merit of emerging ideas, and offers a unique occasion for budding researchers to come out into the limelight, and transform their ideas into concrete achievements.

Who can participate?

All researchers involved in a doctoral program (or similar research training) who have developed, or are presently developing, a project that deals with at least one of the fundamental tenets of ICHIM (Art, Culture, Management, Technology). The projects should either be in progress or have been completed after January 2004.

Which projects will be accepted?

An international jury of professionals and researchers will evaluate the projects on the basis of their originality, the rigor of their work, their relevance in the world of art and the culture, and their potential for innovation in cultural and technological industries.

Three projects (from among the 10 pre- selected and presented ‘live on stage’ at the closing night) will receive a jury prize at the presentation. All of the submitted projects – depending on the space available and the desire to be presented – will be exhibited in Paris during the ICHIM meeting. 

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please consult the ICHIM 05 website for more information.

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