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European Researchers’ Night – Science Café ‘Do inventions shape society?’


Copenhagen, Café ‘Snapstinget’, Danish Parliament, Christiansborg
23 September 2005, 20.00
Organised by: Videnskabscaféen in co-operation with The National Network for Technology Transfer of Denmark

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What is it that determines the shape of society? Technological inventions are constantly resulting in better and cheaper technology that seems to be changing our surroundings and our possibilities of action at an ever increasing speed. Predicting how this happens and the direction of technological change is nevertheless almost impossible. Do inventions create global changes? Or, do social demands and practices create technological change?

Social changes emerge from society's choice to embrace new technological inventions. But what is the driving force? We know that electronic and biotechnological inventions change our workplace, way of shopping, employment situation, education and health. But so did the rail, the car, the radio and the television. How do social factors influence the growth of technology and its integration in society? How does technology in turn influence society? Were urbanisation and the increasing usage of fossil fuels caused by the invention of the automobile or the steam engine, or rather by the way in which such inventions were implemented in society? And how does the interrelation between technology and society work today in the fields of biotechnology and electronics? Can we steer technological development or does the potential of new technology steer our lives?

Come and join in an interesting and informal discussion with our panel of experts in biotech, computers, robots and the interrelation between technology and the development of society. Admission is free of charge.

For more information, see the flyer (PDF icon [ 70 Kb]).

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