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VIII Lower Silesian Science Festival (LSSF)


Wrocław, Legnica, Wałbrzych, Ząbkowice Sl., Jelenia Góra
16 September – 29 October 2005
Organised by: regional universities, the Polish Academy of Sciences, associations, and cultural and local authorities.

Lower Silesian Science Festival logo
The VIII Lower Silesian Science Festival brings together a number of events from virtually all fields of study, with the following topics featuring in 2005:
  • Humanist values – A taste of history
  • The beauty of shapes, sounds and gestures
  • Questions of human conscience and dignity
  • Mathematical sciences – The intellectual ascent of man
  • Learning about life and the universe – Physics, astronomy and earth science
  • The melting pot of chemistry and biology
  • The laws, money and politics of a safe society
  • From transistor to laptop – Computer science.
  • Advanced technology in the amazing world of mechanics
  • The capabilities and challenges of contemporary medicine
  • Riddles of health and illness
  • Agricultural science – Protecting humans and their environment
  • Psyche-Sport-Body.

Two children doing an experiment
These topics will be covered in various ways, i.e. through interdisciplinary panel discussions, specialist lectures, presentations and laboratories, festival cafes and discussion clubs, workshops and seminars, exhibitions, excursions, performances and concerts, scientific and artistic happenings, and films and chats.

In the framework of the International Year of Physics, some of the events will be dedicated to the memory of Albert Einstein and his contribution to science.


  • Wrocław: 16-23 September 2005
  • Legnica: 7-8   October 2005
  • Wałbrzych, Ząbkowice Sl.: 21-22 October 2005
  • Jelenia Góra: 28-29 October 2005

Wrocław Researchers’ Night

In the framework of the European Researchers’ Night, the Wrocław University of Technology and the University of Wrocław will welcome families and young scientists to an evening of demonstrations, exhibitions and workshops. The full programme is now available online.

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