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European Researchers’ Night – ‘Doctoriales’ of Lille – Round table

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  • Ms. Claudine Dumont
    Université de Lille 1 – SUAIO
    Avenue Carl Gauss
    59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq cedex
    Tel: +33 3 20 05 86 75
    E-mail :


Villeneuve d’Ascq, Cité Scientifique
23 September 2005
Organised by: the Lille University of Science and Technology (USTL, Lille I) in partnership with the Association Bernard Gregory, and with the support of the French Ministry for Research.

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The ‘Doctoriales’ are training seminars organised with the aim of improving the employment opportunities for researchers having obtained a PhD diploma in France. They show students how to increase their self-confidence and navigate their way through the business world, as well as how to best valorise their PhD dissertations. The ‘Doctoriales’ are run in co-operation with enterprises. Thesis’ supervisors also participate in the seminars, thus contributing to the building of bridges between academia and industry.

During this year’s ‘Doctoriales’, to be held in Lille from 18 to 23 September 2005, the University of Science and Technology of Lille (USTL, Lille 1) is organising a round-table discussion on ‘The employment of PhD graduates’ on 23 September.

More information about the programme, venue and registration, as well as the information leaflet, can be found at the ‘Doctoriales’ of Lille website.

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