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European Researchers’ Night – Eruption at Lava!

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Lava - Kulturhuset, Sergels Torg 3 - Stockholm
23 September 2005, 14.00-21.00
Organised by: Vetenskap & Allmänhet, VA!

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Lava is a social and cultural meeting centre for young people aged 13-25. On 23 September, as part of the European Researchers' Night, VA! will host Utbrott på Lava! (Eruption at Lava!), an evening of activities, shows, hands-on experiments and events at Lava in Stockholm. The aim is to encourage young people to question the world around them and learn more about the nature of science. Scientific researchers from fields, such as cancer research, global warming and human psychology, will be talking with young people in a relaxed, informal way. As with all VA! activities, the dialogue will be about what interests young people, not what the scientists think is important.

The programme will include:

Hands-on experiments

Researchers from a wide range of universities, companies and research institutes will be coming to conduct hands-on experiments, giving insight into the exciting and fascinating world of research. You will be able to:
  • see our volcano erupt, visit our volcano café and talk to volcano researchers;
  • make your own bath bombs from household chemicals;
  • try out some DNA testing in a mini-forensic laboratory;
  • see a model of a neutrino telescope and talk to researchers about the origins of the Universe;
  • make ice-cream with liquid nitrogen;
  • play on a paper piano;
  • see an image of your brain in our brain mirror.

Imagine yourself interacting with your brain! - The brain mirror

Brain mirror
This is one of the many spectacular events being presented at Lava, Kulturhuset, during the Swedish Researchers’ Night organised by the Swedish Research Council. The ‘brain mirror’ is a surprising, interactive tool that demonstrates the latest findings about the brain in a playful way. Visitors will also have the opportunity to discuss with researchers about the fascinating world of the human brain.The ‘brain mirror’ is the result of a co-operation between Hungarian and Swedish designers and computer engineers. Its first version was produced together with the Swedish Travelling Exhibitions and Knowledge Foundation for the well-known exhibition ‘Behold the brain’.

Mini science-cafés

Staffan Yngve
On the first floor, there will be a series of mini-science cafés. You will watch Staffan Yngve from Uppsala University perform his science extravaganza, and you will be able to grab a coffee and talk to researchers about their life as a scientist and issues connected with their work. Topics for discussion will include:
  • food and diets: why are so many people obese? What can we do about it?
  • how to make your own robot;
  • depression: why are we not getting happier as we get richer?
  • smart packaging: milk cartons that tell you when the milk is off;
  • anger management;
  • a trip to the moon;
  • the truth about nanotechnology.

Partner organisations

Astra Zeneca, Ericsson, Karolinska Institute, KK Stiftensen (The Knowledge Foundation), Nobel Museum, STFI Packforsk, Stockholm University, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Swedish Research Council, Tekniska Museet (National Museum for Science and Technology), Unga Forskare (Young Researchers), Vasa Museum.

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