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European Researchers’ Night - ‘Starparty’

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Athens, Thessaloniki
23 September 2005, 20.00
Organised by: the National Observatory of Athens and the Science Centre and Technology Museum of Thessaloniki

Starparty - Athens

Logo National Observatory of Athens
The Athens Starparty will take place at the Visitors Centre of the National Observatory of Athens. It will be an all night event beginning at 20:00 and continuing until 04:00. The event's main target group is the general public.
Activities will include :
  • Observation of the night sky, using the 25 inches Newall refractor and other telescopes of the observatory
  • Lectures and video projections
  • Music concert (group to be decided)
  • Kiosks providing soft drinks and refreshments

Starparty - Thessaloniki

Logo of the Technology Museum of Thessaloniki
The Thessaloniki Starparty will take place at the Science Centre and Technology Museum of Thessaloniki, with a magnificent view of the Thermaikos bay and the city of Thessaloniki. The event will take place between 21.00 and 24.00 (subject to confirmation). The main target audience are young people (8­-17 years old), but everyone is welcome.
View of the Science Centre and Technology Museum of Thessaloniki
The neighbouring municipalities of Thermi, Pylea, Panorama and Thessaloniki, as well as members of the academic and scientific research community, will be involved in the activities which will take place.

The activities will include :

  • Observation of the night sky (more than 10 telescopes available)
  • Music by well-known local DJs
  • A Science Café, where visitors will have the opportunity to interact with members of the scientific community
  • Film ‘The planets in view’ shown at the Planetarium dome. Three shows are scheduled at 22.00, 22.45, and 23.30

Soft drinks and refreshments will be available.

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