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European Researchers’ Night - A long September day in science

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Slovenian Science Foundation - Stefanova ul. 15 - 1000 Ljubljan
23 September 2005, from 9.00-after hours
Organised by: Slovenian Science Foundation
This ‘long day in September’ organised by the Slovenian Science Foundation will have three key moments:

Open door at the Slovenian Science Foundation, 9:00-16:00

The Slovenian Science Foundation will open its doors to the public to give visitors of all generations the opportunity to meet with the SSF's management and renowned Slovenian researchers, who will relay anecdotes and interesting details regarding their scientific research work.

Information on independent investment in developing Slovenian and foreign researchers working in Slovenia will be presented. The interested visitors will be given information on mechanisms of fellowship selection and statistical data about researchers and fields acquiring fellowships in recent years. Visitors will be invited to become donors to the Slovenian Science Foundation and, consequently, members of the Club of Friends of the SSF.

The second night with muses of science and arts in the capital of Slovenia, 19:00-21:00

The Slovenian Science Foundation will, in co-operation with the Club of Friends of the SSF and the Fellowship Club of the Municipality of Ljubljana, prepare an artistic performance for Slovenian researchers, with the aim of linking art and science. 

Late night with astronomers, from 21:00 onward

The Slovenian Science Foundation will invite all interested individuals (e.g. pupils, students, general public) to spend the late evening with astronomers to observe stars, planets, comets and eclipses.

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