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Researchers in Europe
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European Researchers’ Night


23 September 2005, 18.00-01.00
Organised by: the European Commission, in collaboration with the Royal Institute for Natural Sciences, Inforsciences (ULB), and the Brussels Planetarium.

“Why should our feet be the only parts of our bodies to go out dancing and partying on a Friday night? Our brains need some time off to let their hair down too! So why not give your grey matter a treat and take it out for the night on 23 September to the ‘European Researchers’ Night’?”

Official poster of the Brussels’ Researchers Night
The European Researchers’ Night on 23 September is the high point of the ‘Researchers in Europe 2005’ initiative. The Brussels programme, devised by the European Commission, comprises exhibitions, games, interactive entertainment and performances that are sure to be as fun as they are original. Events are distributed across four venues linked by a free shuttle service:

The ‘Halles Saint-Géry’ (from 18.00)

Halls of Saint-Géry
Come along to the Halles Saint-Géry, the headquarters for the night, to meet the hunkiest humanoid on the planet, Asimo, a charming robot built by Honda. From 19.00 to midnight, he will be showing off his skills to a select audience. A film explaining the origins of Asimo will also be shown at 19.00, 20.15, 21.30, 22.45 and 24.00. More information on Asimo can be found on the Honda site.

Robot Asimo
And for those who have always dreamed of having what it takes to lie on a bed of nails, the team from the Brussels science museum Scientastic will teach you all the tricks of the trade. All you need to do is buy your magician’s outfit!

Alongside these ‘spine-tingling’ lessons, the Scientastic team will be on hand to show other hair-raising ways of having fun and wowing your friends, whether in your own home or at your local bowling green. Challenges will include:

  • The mystery of the vaulted arch: making a collection of small pieces of wood stand upright;
  • Air balls: pass a ball from on person to another using only a hair dryer;
  • An original transformation: take on the voice of a duck without losing your human identity;
  • The pyramid of bowling balls: construct a triangular based pyramid from two rows of four bowling balls and four rows of three balls.

Meanwhile, the Scifun scientists visiting from Scotland will have you reeling as they envelop you inside an iridescent bubble and turn you into the next fibre-optic Beethoven …

These activities will take place throughout the evening to a backdrop of live music and an exhibition of black and white photographs portraying the life of a researcher. The bar of the ‘Halles’ will be open for refreshments.

Royal Institute of Natural Sciences (from 19.00)

Take a peek behind the scenes and discover hidden treasures! The guided tours led by researchers and other scientists at the institute offer a unique opportunity to explore laboratories and archives that the public usually never sees.

Whether shucking Belgian oysters, climbing tropical peaks, tracking down insect colonies or plunging to the depths of the earth, wonders will never cease to amaze you as you discover phenomena that are as varied as they are surprising.

Guided visits will be conducted from 19.30-20.30 and from 21.00-22.00.Pre-registration for these visits is absolutely necessary and free of charge .

Any absent-minded professors and latecomers will be able to wait in the Institute’s main auditorium and enjoy a series of films to be projected from 19.30 to 23.00.

ULB – Inforsciences

Free University of Brussels
The menu concocted by the Inforsciences team of Brussels’ Free University (ULB) is sure to spice up your evening. You will be presented with three challenges. To succeed you must:
  • follow the coelacanth through its warm seawater habitat,
  • travel inside your own brain, and
  • help the Cheshire cat find its stripes…

The spirit of the evening will be fun and interactive and a team of rough and ready researchers will help you along the way. Pre-registration for this event is necessary and free of charge.

Planetarium (from 20.00)

A night with no stars is like a day without the sun… The planetarium would like to invite you to take a cinematographic trip through the skies of the Atacama deserts of Chile, over Mount Paranal. And in the starring roles are the most beautiful constellations of the southern hemisphere, the Milky Way, a kaleidoscope of galaxies in the weirdest and most wonderful shapes and forms, and the renowned ‘dark matter’ we are aware of today thanks to studies into cosmic movement.

The Mysteries of the Austral Sky will be shown consecutively in French and Dutch. Four showings are scheduled:

  • NL: 20.00 and 21.15
  • FR: 20.45 and 22.00


The four venues will be linked by a free shuttle service.

  • Halles Saint-Géry – Sint-Gorikshallen
    Place Saint-Géry – Sint-Goriksplein
    Bruxelles 1000 Brussel

Halls of Saint-Géry
  • Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles – Koninklijk Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen
    Rue Vautierstraat 29
    Bruxelles 1000 Brussel

Logo Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles

  • Inforsciences (ULB)
    Institut de Sociologie
    Avenue Jeannelaan 44
    Bruxelles 1050 Brussel

Free University of Brussels

  • Planétarium – Planetarium
    Avenue de Bouchout 10 Boechoutlaan
    Bruxelles 1020 Brussel

Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium


Download the official poster PDF icon [1.2 Mb] and the leaflet PDF icon [1.6 Mb] of the Brussels’ Researchers Night.

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