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Researchers in Europe
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Researchers in Europe 2005 - Official opening ceremony

For further information:
  • Musée national d’histoire naturelle
    25, rue Münster, L-2160 Luxembourg
    Tel : +352 46 22 33-1
  • You can see the video of the opening ceremony on the internet.

  • Note on the official launch of the initiative by Commissioner Janez Potočnik (RTF file, 96 Kb)


Museum of Natural History, Luxembourg
8 June 2005
Organised by: the European Commission and the Luxembourg Presidency

The official launch of the ‘Researchers in Europe 2005’ initiative will take place on 8 June 2005, at the Museum of Natural History in Luxembourg, under the patronage of the Luxembourg Presidency.

The European Science and Research Commissioner Janez Potočnik, as well as the Luxembourg Minister for Research François Biltgen and other European officials, will attend the event. Between 300 and 500 are expected to attend, including journalists, Members of the European Parliament, national political and scientific personalities and school directors.

Groups of children from schools from across Europe will also be present at the launch and a variety of science-related events are being planned for the youngsters. These will include the “Panda Club” aimed at 6-11 year olds and the “Science Club” aimed at 11-18 year olds. The Museum’s ‘Galileo bus’ with its mobile laboratory will be open to visitors. There will also be a number of ‘Science and Society’ events and activities aimed at making adults more aware of the potential of a scientific career.

Workshops for 6 to 10 year olds

Discover the extraordinary phenomena of the world of physics….

Follow in the track of Indian hunters and discover their secrets, understand how ancient oaks stay standing, meet the challenge of blowing up a balloon – not as simple as it seems, turn yourself into an energy generator thanks to a simple potato, or even just through your own body, find out what fire-resistant glass and salad dressing have in common, turn off a light bulb with your own hands……

Workshops for 12-14 year olds

Workshops will help you find out how optical fibre can be used to transmit music; did you know that without optical fibre communication by internet would be impossible? The rotating chair will allow its passengers to experience the forces of gravity at work in merry-go-rounds and in certain sports. Then you will be fascinated by the colours of the giant bubble and will be set the challenge of creating a bubble large enough to stand up in. Did you know that the images on a television screen are produced by electrons? Find out how these subatomic particles (electrons or protons) can contain enough energy to reproduce the conditions of the Big Bang.

Workshops for everyone

These workshops will be presented by the team of the Galileo Science Mobil, in collaboration with the Science Club. They are base don the new exhibition of the National museum of Natural History which deals with bionics. Many fascinating phenomena of the animal and plant world will be explained and you will see how nature can inspire researchers in their quest for new inventions and methods. You will also have access to the stand of the Association of Young Scientists where two young will share their passion for science and their dream of becoming researchers with you.


08.30-09.00: Arrival

09.25: Grand Duke’s arrival ; he will be welcomed by The Commissioner, the Research Ministers, the Luxembourg Research Minister, Luxembourg M.P., the Mayor of Luxembourg

09.30: Introductive and welcome speech by the Luxembourg Research Minister, François Biltgen   (5 minutes), followed by a speech by the Commissioner Janez Potočnik (20 minutes)

09.50-10.00: Visit of the animations by the personalities, guided by a scientific journalist (K.Rondia)

11.00-11.30: Cocktail (in the Museum and in the garden, weather permitting)

11.30-18.00: Animations for the public

A bus will be available for the Steering Group members from the Museum, 25 rue Münster, to bring them to the meeting room. Departure is fixed at 14.30.

For further practical details, see the leaflet (EN-FR) PDF icon [320 Kb] of the event PDF
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