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    Not good enough

    • Interview

      Committed to science and open to the world

      Politician and Director of the Royal Institution, Susan Greenfield is first of all a scientist whose centre of gravity is her Oxford laboratory.
    • Statistics

      Let the figures speak

      There are many women at university: some enter research but many abandon it. A report on the current situation.
    • Industrial research

      Beyond pious wishes

      18% of researchers and engineers at European companies are women. Many agree that they are under-represented, but few are ready to change the situation.
    • Central and eastern Europe

      A tricky gambit

      Though well-represented in science in the former communist countries, few women rise to positions of senior responsibility. An analysis of the Enwise report.
    • Not good enough - In brief

      In brief

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    Down with stereotypes

    • Neurobiology

      The brain, caught between science and ideology

      Fascinated by issues of science and society, especially those that cut across the gender issue, Catherine Vidal investigates the relation between sex, the brain and power.
    • Report

      Developing diversity

      An afternoon at the Cirid, in Bordeaux, where gender mix is the rule and women researchers have a choice role.
    • Finland

      Top of the EU class

      Report from Finland, an egalitarian country where women hold their own in research.
    • Gender

      Male viewpoints

      What do male colleagues or their ‘bosses’ think of women researchers? At least they are free of prejudices. 24 In brief
    • Down with stereotypes - In brief

      In brief

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    • Commitent

      Gerlind the tenacious

      Gerlind Wallon manages the EMBO’s Women in Science programme: a job that fascinates her and allows her to reconcile work and home life.
    • High technology

      Nanowomen with two voices

      The Women in Nano group was set up to encourage women to be involved in science. Annett Gebert and Ulrike Wolff assess the situation.
    • Sociology

      Multifaceted career of a Swedish female engineer

      Boel Berner is particularly interested in traditionally male occupations, such as the technology experts and decision-makers. An analysis of this world from the viewpoint of gender.
    • Science & society

      Looking beyond technology

      Christine Heller del Riego is always looking beyond her laboratory and her courses. Associations, young researchers, the impact of technologies, ethics… Everything interests her.
    • Meetings - In brief

      In brief

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    Acting where it matters

    • Interview

      The talents of women of science

      Interview with Britta Thomsen, Danish MEP, author of a report on the place of women in science, published by the European Parliament.
    • Taking stock

      Putting policies to the test

      Three studies published by the Women and Sciences Unit (Research DG) shed light on the gender issue in the European scientific world.
    • Prejudices

      The obstacle course

      Why is there a shortage of women in science? A look at what happens in early childhood. The obstacles and the prejudices then follow almost naturally. Some European projects with Union support.
    • Acting where it matters - In brief

      In brief

      European Union-funded projects
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