Table of contents

  • Cross-sectoral management

    Cross-sectoral management

  • The first ecosystem

    The first ecosystem

    • Biodiversity

      A race against time in the ocean’s depths

      Marine ecosystems and biodiversity are in peril. Researchers with the European MarBEF network have the mission of revealing the oceans in all their biodiversity before it is lost. A view of an underwater world of a thousand and one species.
    • The ocean depths

      The hidden face of the Earth

      Shedding light on the ocean depths and their mysteries, courtesy of the Hermes scientific platform that is studying the undersea terrain and its unique ecosystems.
    • Carbon

      CO2 between sea and sky

      The oceans of the world absorb CO2, but it seems these vast reservoirs are approaching their limits. The CarboOcean research programme is studying this phenomenon and anticipating the consequences of potential saturation.
  • The generous ocean

    The generous ocean

    • Overfishing

      Untangling the fishing nets

      How to reduce overfishing of marine resources while protecting an age-old profession? A report on fishing and its excesses.
    • Aquaculture

      The seafood of tomorrow

      Aquaculture is developing as a viable alternative to fishing. But only if practised in harmony with the environment.
    • Blue biotechnology

      A watery goldmine for “biotech”

      Potential cures for cancer, biodegradable plastics, revolutionary antibiotics, energy production. The oceans and the creatures that inhabit it, sometimes in extreme environments, abound in valuable resources for man.
    • Energy

      The Wave Dragon sets sail

      Projects to capture the energy of the sea are springing up alNGOs Europe’s coastlines. One of them is Wave Dragon, which generates electrical energy from the waves.
  • Fragile frontiers

    Fragile frontiers

    • Coastal management

      89 000 km of European coastline

      For sustainable co-existence with the complex and varied natural systems of our coastline, the EU is pursing a policy of Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Meanwhile, the Spicosa project is drawing up scenarios for anticipating coastal deterioration.
    • Coastal management

      Tourism vs tourism

      The annual influx of visitors alNGOs the European coastline is a catalyst for growth and jobs in the EU. Yet tourism also has its downside, in terms of impact on the social fabric, economic balance and environmental quality.
    • Pollution

      Marine reinforcements

      In combating pollution - one of the principal scourges undermining the health of our seas - some marine organisms can be powerful allies.
  • Maritime space

    Maritime space

    • Transport

      Research, shipbuilding’s secret weapon

      The state of play in the strategic sector of shipbuilding. Europe is reinforcing its armoury with the Waterborne Technology Platform, a coalition for maritime innovationaimed at guaranteeing sustainable competition.
    • Transport

      Getting ports into gear

      As maritime transport intensifies, Europe’s capacities are approaching their limits. Although several innovative solutions exist, they are not being acted on. The Capoeira project is seeking to identify the reasons for this gap between research and society.
    • Navigation

      A sea traffic control tower

      How to manage the 20 000 vessels navigating Europe’s coastline? Faced with the vast volume of information transmitted between ships and the coastal authorities, the MarNIS programme is acting as arbiter by rationalising, organising and limiting the risks.
    • Oceanographic research

      Final mark: Excellent

      The watchword in oceanographic research, excellence is growing throughout Europe. An overview of some of the centres that are doing the EU proud.
    • NGOs

      Pricking our consciences

      When the blue planet sounds the alert, the NGOs take note, act and apply pressure on the politicians better than anyone. A look at some of these lobbyists with a conscience.
    • Images of science

      Victor and the hot springs

      Ifremer’s underwater robot