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Victor and the hot springs

© Ifremer/Campagne Phare 2002 © Ifremer/Campagne Phare 2002

2 630 metres below sea level in the eastern Pacific, Victor 6000 is taking samples and measurements from a hydrothermal spring. This remote-controlled submersible robot, belonging to Ifremer, was a key player in the Phare 2002 campaign, helping researchers analyse how biological communities living in these hot environments, discovered in the late 1970s (temperatures in certain springs go as high as 350°C), function. Since then, Victor 6000 has gone on to new tasks. In 2006, laden with eight cameras, it explored the subterranean life in and around hydrothermal vents on the mid-Atlantic ridge south of the Azores during the Momareto expedition.


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