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    • Different voices

      Meeting the post-oil challenge

      How to prepare effectively for when the oil runs out? A difficult question to which three prominent international figures seek to reply. Offering views that are as illuminating as they are different.


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    Prolonging the agony

    • Fossil energy

      Coal is dead… Long live coal?

      Often seen as the resource of another age, coal is making a comeback. Especially in India and China that are experiencing an explosion in energy demand.
    • CO2 capture and storage

      Zero emission target

      Carbon capture and storage remains too expensive to be deployed on a large scale. A look at the current state of research.
    • Energy efficiency

      Doing more with less

      Improving energy efficiency is a major battle for the EU. research*eu takes a close look at the construction sector to reveal an impressive potential for savings.
    • Greenhouse gases

      Trading the right to pollute

      Can market mechanisms be an effective means of reducing greenhouse gases? Europe’s first attempt was less than convincing.
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    Renewables, at last

    • Electricity networks

      Rethinking the European grid

      With the SmartGrids platform and the EU-DEEP research project, the European Union is radically rethinking our electricity distribution networks.
    • Biofuels

      From promises to doubts

      As the second generation replaces the first, will biofuels keep their promises? A subject that remains highly controversial.
    • Solar energy


      Photovoltaic cells could meet up to a fifth of Europe’s future electricity needs. The latest developments with this brilliant idea.

      From heat to Megawatts

      As a primary energy source, the Sun has much to offer: technologies using the heat of its rays are rivalling those of traditional power plants.
    • Wind energy

      Rotors take to the high seas

      The DOWNVInD project is embarking on a major and unique enterprise: a wind park on the high seas, almost invisible from the coast.
    • Primary energies

      Water and fire

      The limits of hydroelectricity contrast with the promises of geothermics.
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    The “big” energies

    • Nuclear

      Generation four: fission reinvented

      Despite the suspicions, nuclear energy is serving up a fourth generation of reactors.

      Finland buries its waste

      Can a country’s nuclear waste be discarded without risk when it remains radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years? The Finns certainly think so.
    • Transport

      When will the hydrogen age arrive?

      Hydrogen is in the process of becoming “the” clean energy of the future, especially in the transport sector where expectations are raised.
  • What when the oil runs out?


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