The ERA at a glance

The ERA (European Research Area) consists of all R&D activities, programmes and policies designed and implemented in Europe with a transnational perspective. Developing the ERA first meant insuring the free circulation of researchers and knowledge in the EU. It also put into place a favourable environment for scientific and technical exchanges on a European scale and open to the world.

European Union

FP7 Seventh Framework Programme

Specific programmes – collaborative research

  • Health
  • Food, agriculture and fishing,biotechnologies
  • Information and communication technology
  • Nanotechnology and nanosciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials and new production processes and devices
  • Energy
  • Environment (including climate change)
  • Transport (including aeronautics)
  • Social science and humanities
  • Space
  • Security

ERA-NET scheme – Coordination of research activities

Joint Technology Initiatives

  • IMI – Innovative Medicines Initiative
  • ARTEMIS – Embedded Computing Systems initiative
  • CLEAN SKY – Aeronautics and air transport
  • ENIAC – Nanoelectronics 2020 initiative
  • FCH – Fuel cells and hydrogen initiative


  • ERC – European research council


  • Marie Curie Actions


  • Research infrastructures
  • Research for SMEs
  • Knowledge regions
  • Research potential of convergence regions
  • Science in society
  • Support for development of coherent research policies
  • International cooperation

JRC – Joint Research Centre

  • IRMM – Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements
  • IE – Energy Institute
  • IES – Institute for Environment and Suitability
  • ITU – Institute for Transuranium Elements
  • IPSC – Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen
  • IHCP – Institute for Health and Consumer Protection
  • IPTS – Institute for Prospective Technology Studies

CIP – Competitiveness and innovation Framework Programme

i2010: A European Information Society for growth and employment

Research and Regional policy

regional_en.html EIT – European Institute of Technology

EYCI 2009 – European Year of Creativity and Innovation

CREST – Scientific and Technical Research Committee

ERAB – European Research Area Board

Member States joint programmes and organisations

EUROHORCs – European Heads of Research Councils

EIROforum – European Intergovernmental Research Organisations

  • CERN – European Centre for Nuclear Research
  • EFDA JET – European Fusion Development Agreement
  • EMBL – European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • ESA – European Space Agency
  • ESO – European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere
  • ILL – Institute Laue-Langevin
  • ESRF – European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

ESF – European Science Foundation

  • EuroBioFund – EuroBioForum
  • EUROCORES – European Collaborative Research Scheme
  • EURYI – European Young Investigator Awards

COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology

EUREKA – A European network for marketoriented R&D

EUREKA Thematic Areas

  • Electronics ICT
  • Industrial production, material and transport technology
  • Other industrial technology
  • Energy technology
  • Chemistry, physics and exact sciences
  • Biological science
  • Agriculture and marine resources
  • Agro-food technology
  • Measures and norms
  • Technology for human and environmental protection

>National and regional programmes and organisations


Developed by the European Commission, the ERAWATCH portal provides information on European, national and regional level research policy, on actors and programmes in the EU and elsewhere. It covers information from 43 countries.