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  • Clouds of dust from the Sahara going down the Atlantic coast (Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau). Picture trasmitted by Envisat. © ESA


    • Star Trek

    • Interview

      The Earth, forever...

      The geologist Ted Nield is a member of the Committee of the International Year of Planet Earth 2008. He talks of the Permian age, dinosaurs, Pangea and our future…


    • Search

      What’s the point of geologists?

      Patrice Christmann, EuroGeoSurveys general secretary, explains the importance of managing geological resources and the need to anticipate the geologically ‘random‘.


  • © ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

    Journey to the interior

    • The earth's core

      The inner core - remnant of a planet's birth

      Lying at a depth of over 3 000 km, and 5 000 km for the inner core, the Earth’s core remains very much a mystery, even to geologists.
    • Magnetic field

      A shield generator

      The first line of defence against solar eruptions, the Earth’s magnetic field is a manifestation of movements of the core. Reproducing it in the laboratory holds many promises…
    • Plate textonics

      The conveyor belt

      New methods for studying plate tectonics are revolutionising the Earth sciences and making it possible to shed light on our understanding of volcanism.
    • Earthquakes

      Tremors, slides and flows

      The Earth is a living – and moving – entity. The European LESSLOSS project is taking a close look at the capricious and often dangerous nature of our planet.
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    Man of the Earth

    • Heritage

      Geology and landscapes

      Landscapes reflect the history of the Earth. Traces of this past and the present shape a certain ‘vision’ of the future.
    • Megapolises

      The fragility of gigantism

      Rampant and chaotic urbanisation, the influx of poor populations to the megapolises: towards a ’sustainable‘ approach to these cities that never stop growing?
    • Hydrogeology

      Invisible water of life

      An invisible but essential resource, for too long underground water has been exploited with insufficient regard.
    • Pollution

      Feeding the soil

      Ill-treated for decades, the hidden wealth beneath our feet threatens to soon disappear. We take at look at the state of European soils.
    • Climate

      Greenhouse gases

      SOverexploited by man, the soil is not only the victim of climate change, it is also partly responsible for it. Explanations.

  • © Image & Process, AREVA NP

    Challenge of the century

    • Remote sensing

      Improving our distance vision

      With the global GEOSS project, satellites are becoming genuine diagnostic and monitoring tools being used by a planet that needs them.
    • Geological storage

      CO2 six feet under

      What should we do with our surplus CO2? Storing it underground is a serious proposition. But will it manage to escape?
    • Report

      The geothermal revolution

      The pilot electric power plant of Soultz-Sous-Forêts (France) is introducing a new form of geothermy – the Enhanced Geothermal System.
    • Methane

      Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

      Methane found on the seabed and pergelisols are an important fuel resource. But exploiting them could bring some bad surprises.
    • Resources

      Mineral man

      Not only fuel but minerals too are vital for Europe’s development.
    • In brief

      The latest news on our planet

    • Image of science

      The amber mite