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  • Penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) on a small iceberg drifting in Adélie Land (Antarctica). © CNRS Photothèque/Erwan Amice


    “We have done terribly little compared with the immensity of the problem.”

    Interview with Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, Vice-Chair of the IPCC, professor at the Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics at the Catholic University of Louvain (BE).

    The Big Blue turns acidic

    In the shadow of global warming there is ocean acidification, also caused by CO2 anthropic emissions.

    Goodbye petrol

    Focus on the NEMO project, which is seeking to produce second generation biofuels, most notably from plant waste.

    The tools of diagnosis

    Scientific predictions of Europe’ s climate are obtaining a new level of detail. For the first time, we also have methods that enable us to judge their precision.

    “All scientists must be sceptics”

    What are the arguments of the ‘climate sceptics’, these scientists who oppose the majority of the climate experts?

  • Harald zur Hausen – “Since we already had the genomic key to the HPVs, the idea of developing vaccines was constantly in our mind.” Courtesy Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum


    A fundamental researcher

    We talk with Harald zur Hausen, Nobel Prize in Medicine, whose discoveries in the field of HPVs have opened the way to vaccines against cervical cancer.

  • © Laurence Buelens


    “My voice goes with you”

    Anaesthesia under hypnosis has been used in Belgium for more than 15 years, and has won the support of nobility.

  • Morten Kringelbach © Isak Hoffmeyer


    Rendezvous in Hedonia

    The TrygFonden Research Group’s members have set themselves the task of understanding the nature of pleasure in order to be able to treat affective disorders.

  • © Agence Free Lens Philippe Labeguerie


    Laser and fusion, the perfect alliance?

    Access to clean, inexhaustible energy is the ambitious objective of the PETAL and HiPER projects for controlled thermonuclear fusion.

  • Stephen Wolfram “Explaining an idea, then polishing it to make it as clear as possible, is an excellent path to better understanding.” © Stephen Faust/Wolfram Research.Inc


    The algorithm of the gods

    An outstanding researcher and accomplished businessman, Stephen Wolfram has overturned the world of science with his theories and working methods.

  • © Shutterstock/Igorsky


    The cancer of prisons

    Prison overcrowding, social divide, new forms of delinquency… Welfare state or penal state? Most criminologists are in no doubt.

  • Archaeologists continuously debate the significance of the neolithic site Stonehenge (UK), with many standing stones, as well as the meaning of the giant figures on Easter Island (the Moai), erected by the islanders in the 10th century. © Shutterstock/gary yim

    Human science

    Where does religious thought come from?

    EXREL, or how european scientists are studying the origins of religion and attempting to forecast future trends.

  • Courtesy Ela Ugur/Milset

    Image of science

    Warning signs of a geyser