• Emerging trends in socio-economic sciences and humanities in Europe
  • 2009, 144 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-11136-5
  • The METRIS (Monitoring European trends in the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities) project is designed to support the European Research Area (ERA) in the social sciences and humanities field. In this report, the METRIS group of experts identifies new trends in this research field, providing major support to political decision-makers.

  • International Cooperation with Africa in FP6
  • 2009, 348 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-10408-4
  • In 2005 the African Union adopted a Consolidated Action Plan for Africa in the field of science and technology (S&T), an initiative that calls for firm international support. This is a catalogue of recent advances made under the specific international scientific cooperation programme (INCO) of the Sixth Framework Programme.

  • Europe Research on Youth
  • 2009, 76 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-11450-2
  • This publication reviews socioeconomic research projects concerning young people. It makes concrete recommendations to politicians and those working with young people on the basis of results of research into young people’s entry into the workplace and citizen participation.

  • European Research Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities
  • 2009, 236 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-09798-0
  • This catalogue of socio-economic science and humanities research projects under the Seventh Framework Programme covers the Lisbon strategy, sustainable development and regional cohesion, major social trends, Europe in the world, citizens in the EU, indicators, forecasts and infrastructure.

  • Moving Europe: EU research on migration and policy needs
  • 2009, 48 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-09698-3
  • Demographics, migration, integration and social cohesion are key issues for the European Union and form an integral part of the Seventh Framework Programme. This report gives a brief description of projects relating to migration and the integration of immigrants funded by the EU over the past five years.

  • SME FP6 Project Catalogue
  • 2008, 590 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-05952-0
  • The Sixth Framework Programme enabled innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with good research ideas but no financial facilities to find qualified partners by means of cooperative research and joint research programmes. This document describes the 473 projects financed under the two programmes.

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