• Sustainable Development & Territorial Dynamics
  • 2008, 37 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-09525-2
  • Sustainable development and territorial dynamics are at the meeting point of the European Union’s social, economic and environmental policies. These two key issues have a direct relationship with the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), cohesion policy and structural funds. This report describes research projects in the fields of economics, social science and humanities under the Seventh Framework Programme.

  • Special Eurobarometer survey on medical and health research
  • 2007, 118 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-06661-0
  • This report of a Eurobarometer opinion poll conducted by the Commission presents the main conclusions about Europeans’ level of interest and awareness about medical and health research. It also identifies factors and information sources that could help to raise public awareness.

  • Combating deadly diseases – EU-funded projects
  • 2007, 324 pp, ISBN 92-79-03349-2
  • The global emergency caused by HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis calls for new approaches to confront these three poverty-related diseases. The Sixth Framework Programme has allocated some €400 mil lion to researching therapies and vaccines against the three deadly diseases. This is an overview of the projects launched under the Sixth Framework Programme.

  • Downsizing: the march of microand nano-manufacture
  • 2009, 23 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-11214-0
  • The manufacture of micro- and nano-products is strategically important for the competitiveness of European industry because it helps to improve the functionality, intelligence and durability of existing products. This publication presents nine selected European collaborative research projects in the micro- and nanotechnology sector.

  • European union research on human rights, conflicts and security
  • 2008, 73 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-10653-8
  • While war and peace are as old as humankind – as are violations of human dignity and integrity – their shapes, causes and impacts keep changing over time and in different contexts. This is a practical guide to European research projects for analysing conflict management that have been launched under the Sixth, and first phase of the Seventh, Framework Programmes.

  • Global governance of science
  • 2009, 44 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-07972-6
  • As a political entity that spans the national, regional and global levels, the European Union is ideally placed to encourage critical reflection on the global governance of science and innovation and to play a practical leadership role. This report by an expert group makes recommendations to European policy-makers, Member States and sciencerelated organisations.

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