• Research for Europe – A selection of EU success stories
  • 2008, 110 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-06980-2
  • This selection of 40 successful projects undertaken under the 6th European Framework Programme highlights the new knowledge, technologies and solutions brought to the fields of health, the environment, food, transport and energy production to meet the major challenges facing society.

  • A more research-intensive and integrated European Research Area – Science, Technology and Competitiveness key figures report 2008/2009
  • 2008, 168 pp, ISBN 978-92-10173-1
  • This report gives an insight into progress achieved by research and development investment in the EU towards implementing the European Research Area (ERA) since the launch of the Lisbon strategy in 2000. It includes key statistics for 2008 in the fields of science, technology and competitiveness.

  • Vaccines for humans – Research funded by the European union
  • 2008, 169 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-09455-2
  • A compilation of the research projects into human vaccinology launched by the EU in the course of the 6th Framework Programme. This research, the conclusions of which are expected during 2009, is already giving important results, reflecting the ambition of the European research community to develop new vaccines.

  • How the European Union Works?
  • 2008, 46 pp, ISBN 92-79-03657-2
  • This citizens’ guide to the European institutions offers clear and simple answers on the unique way the Union functions, with an outline of the roles of the various institutions, agencies and other bodies involved in the current decision-making mechanisms.

  • Cancer research – Project’s funded under the Sixth Framework Programme
  • 2008, 272 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-09352-4
  • An interdisciplinary and collaborative approach is needed in order to optimise research into cancer. This catalogue gives a brief view of the 108 cancer research projects launched by the EU under the 6th Framework Programme, which can act as models for cooperation at European level.

  • From fundamental genomics to systems biology – Understanding the book of life
  • 2008, 512 pp, ISBN 978-92-79-08004-3
  • This work describes the objectives and advances of the fundamental research projects in genomics which were supported by the EU under the 6th Framework Programme. Regulation of gene expression, structural genomics and proteomics, comparative genomics, population genetics, bioinformatics and system biology are just some of the objectives of the projects described in this publication.

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