• Communicating science in social contexts. New models, new practices.
  • Cheng, D.; Claessens, M.; Gascoigne, T.; Metcalfe, J.; Schiele, B.; Shi, S. 2008, 322 pages, ISBN: 978-1-4020-8597-0
  • Based on more than 20 years of experience and analysis, this book examines in depth the recent changes inscience communication, the existing theoretical models of which are clearly out of step with social reality. A judicious mix of theoretical and practical approaches that explains how to cope with a world increasingly dominated by science and technology.

  • Open access. Opportunities and challenges
  • 2008, 144 pages, ISBN 978-92-79-06665-8
  • The pros and cons of free access to scientific publications via the Internet. This analysis opens the debate by presenting the many challenges and opportunities of this new world of communication and the future prospects for the European Research Area (ERA).

  • Nanosciences, nanotechnologies
  • June 2008, 160 minutes, CNRS Images
  • A voyage in five stages to the heart of the nanoworld. This DVD is aimed at all those interested in this emerging universe and is part of a collection of thematic DVDs produced by CNRS Images (FR). Menus and subtitles available in French and English.

  • Wonders, Welcome to Observations, News and Demonstrations of European Research and Science
  • 2008, 38 pages, ISBN 978-92-79-08774-5
  • A comprehensive overview of the 2007 edition of Wonders, Europe’s first ever science festival. Wonders has given rise to some 20 European ‘science festivals’ which engage in regular exchanges of scientific and technical cultural experiences.

  • Green Paper. The European Research Area. New perspectives.
  • 2008, 122 pages, ISBN 978-92-79-08317-4
  • In April 2007, this Green Paper launched a public consultation on new initiatives to boost the European Research Area (ERA). This book reviews the responses to this consultation.

  • Challenging Europe’s research: Rationales for the European Research Area
  • 2008, 52 pages, ISBN 978-92-79-08-412-6
  • This final report is a sort of supplement to the Green Paper drawn up by one of the seven groups of experts from DG Research, which examines the justification for having a European Research Area and discusses its current relevance.


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