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Special Report

  • Clothes and the body

    Outer appearance, inner self

    Envelope and frontier, our skin protects us, betrays our emotions, displays our ethnic or cultural origins, and is part of our seduction toolkit.

    A worrying spectre

    Skin cancers are becoming more lethal by the year. Alongside the necessary preventive measures, research is offering promising new therapies.

    The skin: meeting-place of medical specialties

    Status report on European dermatology by Lars French and Martin Röcken, both experienced dermatologists, and both at once clinicians and researchers.

    Research in the skin

    A leading force in the cosmetics world, L’Oréal invests massively in basic research. With impressive advances in the public health to its credit.

  • Hubert Curien at the Bourget Fair, Paris, 2001. © ESA/P.Sebirot


    Hubert Curien, architect of research in Europe

    Without him, the structures of European Research would probably not be where they are today. Spotlight on former French research minister Hubert Curien.

  • © Shutterstock


    The ERA for dummies

    Focus on the European Research Area, a cornerstone of the Lisbon process, but for many still an obscure European initiative.

  • The freshwater snail Marisa cornuarietis, being studied by Jörg Oehlmann’s team at the Institute for Ecology, Evolution and Diversity of the Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt (DE). © Institute for Ecology, Evolution and Diversity – Frankfurt


    The elusive case of endocrine disruption

    The state of knowledge on endocrine disruptors, pollutants that alter the hormonal functions of humans and most animals.

  • Experimental fire in Kruger National Park, in South Africa. The aim is to measure the quantity of gases and particles emitted during the experiment in order to understand the complete combustion process and measure soil and air temperature, wind speed, humidity and other parameters. The data collected are compared with satellite data to improve our understanding of the impact on the savannah ecosystem and on vegetation. The smoke emissions are analysed using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy to evaluate the data on the carbon cycle in the environment. Other instruments are also used during these tests, including thermal imaging cameras and ultraviolet (UV) spectrometers. et des spectromètres UV. © M.Wooster- KCL


    On the trail of African carbon

    Has Africa joined the already bulging ranks of CO2 emitters? Or could it instead take advantage of its absorption capacity?

  • Carbon nanotube. © Chris Ewels


    A thoroughly modern researcher

    For Chris Ewels, research is a living adventure that uses the most innovative communication tools. Just look at the Nano2Hybrids European project, in which he is an enthusiastic partner.

  • © Shutterstock


    Scrap tyres: the mother lode

    Recycled tyres to replace virgin rubber in high added value products. Instructions for use.


    The art of courting popularity

    Do firms handle their ‘corporate performance’ image factors well? Not really, according to RESPONSE project researchers

  • Courtesy of Dang & Solar Solidarity International - © Dang


    A field of solar flowers

    Dang'cing Sol'Art Flowers, an installation of around 1 000 flowers, combining 12 different colours and including a photovoltaic solar mechanism.