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Special Report

  • Autism

    “It is for us to enter their world”

    Illness, handicap, exacerbation of a behaviour that lies within the norm? Michel Favre, vice president of the Autism-Europe association, takes stock of the current situation.

    The enigmas of autism

    Despite progress in genetics, neurobiology, the cognitive sciences and medical imaging, autistic persons still have little to turn to.

    Bursting the bubble

    Mistral, Les Aubépines and Le Chat Botté: three Belgian centres specialised in autism are trying every day to improve the everyday lives of their residents.

    The genetic line of inquiry: initial suspects

    In the survey on the aetiology of autism, the “guilty genes” line of inquiry seems promising. The Autism Genome Project is on the trail of the principal suspects.

  • Contrôle visuel de l’état de surface d’un  substrat de silicium. © CNRS Photothèque/Jérôme Chatin


    Icecaps send shivers through climatologists

    The polar ice caps are melting at an increasing rate, creating fears of sea level rises well above the IPCC forecasts. .

  • © Shutterstock


    Back to the soil

    Conservation agriculture, a new conception of farming practices, proposes to restore the soil to its primordial position.

  • © Su-Chun Zhang/University of Wisconsin-Madison


    Running on pollution!

    Our CO2 emissions converted into fuel? For researchers on the Elcat project it is an idea to be taken seriously.


    Europe on board the space station

    Europe is now well and truly aboard the International Space Station with the launch of its Columbus research satellite and its ATV payload.


    The Earth in the face of asteroids

    What if the Earth collided with another celestial object? The risk exists and the ESA is looking at ways of avoiding the crash.

  • Laboratoire finlandais Medix, spécialisé notamment en génétique, hématologie, microbiologie et histopthologie. © Tekes, Matias Uusikylä


    Fascination with the invisible

    Jean-Pierre Luminet, a much solicited astrophysicist, continues to find the universe fascinating. As is the man himself.

  • L’eau, un des écosystèmes vitaux pour  l’humanité. Ici le lac d’Amance, dans le Parc naturel régional de la Forêt d'Orient (Aube, FR). © Jean-Marie  Bossennec/Inra


    Social Europe: a pipe dream?

    Régine Prunzel is the author of a thesis on the European social model. She proposes a new method to breathe new life into the concept.

  • © CNRS Photothèque/Martin Hytch


    Invisible blooming

    The opening of blackcurrant flowers as seen through the scanning electron microscope.