Do researchers know how to research?

For a number of years, various initiatives have been calling for radical changes in educational practice, from secondary level upwards, in favour of “enquiry-based learning”. No more so than in the United Kingdom, where this concept is seeking to transform pupils into active partners in learning processes by preparing them to “formulate their own research questions and convert their efforts into useful knowledge”. In 2007, the Rocard report submitted to the Commission supported these ideas, but observed that such practices are very rare and called on European decisionmakers to encourage this change in direction.

This new awareness will bring about salutary changes in the training of young researchers. I believe, however, that it is high time that the scientific community drew inspiration from these educational principles in its will develop the expected cognitive skills? and sharing their research questions.


Marie-Claude Roland, Marie-Claude Roland, Linguistics and Research Practices Unit, INRA (FR), roland@paris.inra.fr