Special report

  • Science journalism

    Changes underway

    As our knowledge society awards science a fundamental role, the media and citizens are seeking a legitimate dialogue. Bernard Schiele places the changes in context.

    Barcelona: science comes to town

    Barcelona welcomed the first European Forum on Science Journalism, which offered different takes on the profession plus analyses of the current state of play, the tools and the initiatives.

    Portrait of a singular discipline

    An old hand at propagating science, Tim Radford guides us through the ‘ins and outs’ of a unique branch of journalism.

  • José Manuel Silva Rodríguez


    European research: “a major work in progress”

    José Manuel Silva Rodríguez has headed the Directorate-General for Research since January 2006. He takes stock of his mandate’s initial results.

  • Contrôle visuel de l’état de surface d’un  substrat de silicium. © CNRS Photothèque/Jérôme Chatin


    The risk and promise of green nanotechnology

    While some are concerned at the possible toxicity of nanoparticles, others regard the technologies of the infinitely small as offering potential for protecting the environment.

  • © Shutterstock


    Boats shed their old skin

    The protective coatings applied to vessel hulls release dangerous toxins. The Ambio project is looking at non-toxic nanotechnologies.

  • © Su-Chun Zhang/University of Wisconsin-Madison


    A new era for stem cells

    Transforming skin into stem cells? Two teams of researchers have made this process a reality, heralding a new era for research in this field.


    Cultural dynamics

    Cultural Dynamics, or understanding howcultures develop. That is the aim of this multidisciplinary programme covering the exact and human sciences.


    A woman’s-eye view of immigration

    Immigration as seen through the eyes of women. Women in the host countries and the women who join them.

  • Laboratoire finlandais Medix, spécialisé notamment en génétique, hématologie, microbiologie et histopthologie. © Tekes, Matias Uusikylä


    Finnish model tops the rankings

    The guest of honour at the SERI, Finland is a world leader in R&D thanks to its national system of innovation. A look at the secret of this brilliant success.

  • L’eau, un des écosystèmes vitaux pour  l’humanité. Ici le lac d’Amance, dans le Parc naturel régional de la Forêt d'Orient (Aube, FR). © Jean-Marie  Bossennec/Inra


    Putting a price on life

    Biodiversity is of great value – that is certain. But can it be quantified?

  • Maria Blasco «La recherche en biologie moléculaire  est une fascinante aventure intellectuelle de tous les instants, une  expédition aux sources les plus profondes de la vie.» © D.B.U


    A researcher, pure and simple

    Maria Blasco is Director of Fundamental Research at the CNIO, one of Europe’s leading centres for research into cancer and ageing.

  • © CNRS Photothèque/Martin Hytch


    The cosmic bird

    A “strange bird” detected at a distance of 650 million light years with the ESO’s Very Large Telescope.