• DENHEZ Frédéric, Atlas du réchauffement climatique
  • 2007, 80 pages, ISBN 2746709973, Editions Autrement
  • A hundred or so maps, graphs and illustrations explaining climate mechanisms, the signs of global warming and certain of its consequences on climate change, fauna and flora. A remarkable, pleasant-to-read publication, which can benefit everyone.

  • Energy futures: the role of research and technological development
  • 2006, 61 pages, ISBN 92-79-01639-3
  • Part one of this booklet insists on the importance of European research for the development of energy between now and 2050. Part two illustrates this with a detailed look at the methods and expected results of 11 research projects in the energy field.

  • Energy Research in the 7th framework programme
  • 2007, 27 pages, ISBN 978-92-79-03891-4
  • Rapid overview of the theme of energy via four main directions of the 7th Framework Programme for research: cooperation, ideas, people and skills

  • EU Research in road transport
  • 2007, 35 pages, ISBN 92-79-0245-2
  • Zoom-in on several research programmes in the specific yet wide-ranging sector of road transport. The booklet covers several problem areas like new vehicle concepts, hydrogen engines, road infrastructures, urban logistics, noise pollution, etc.

  • European research on climate change
  • 2006, 145 pages, ISBN 92-79-01713-6
  • Catalogue of projects (FP5 and FP6) investigating the carbon and greenhouse gases cycle. This guidebook presents various practical data (financing, contracts, partners, etc.) and the results of completed projects.

  • Stroke research in the European Union
  • 2007, 32 pages, ISBN 978-92-79-05049-7
  • In addition to a very detailed overview of what a stroke is, this brochure examines 14 research projects supported by FP5 and FP6 which have taken science forward in this area.