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  • Core of ice, containing pieces of base rock, extracted from the site of Vostock (Antarctic) at a depth of 3 600 metres. Research by the CNRS laboratory of glaciology and environmental geophysics in St-Martind’Hères.

    Climate Change

    We can’t wait any longer
    In February 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its fourth report, leaving no room for doubt that climate change is a reality.

    IPCC – science above all else…
    A behind the scenes look at the extraordinary scientific body that has muscled its way onto the world’s political stage.

    Geo-engineering to the rescue?
    For Paul Crutzen, Nobel laureate in Chemistry, researchers should be studying the possibilities of human intervention in the Earth’s atmosphere. Though only as a solution of last resort. A one-on-one interview.

    The economic argument
    Interview with Nicholas Stern, author of a striking report on the economic consequences of global warming. Dr Stern’s work puts a price tag on this new challenge facing the planet.

    Towards a planet-wide ethic
    ‘Our companies are taking refuge in the headlong rush toward new technology. Therein lies the tragedy of sustainable development.’ Philosopher and environmentalist, Dominique Bourg, presents his point of view.

  • research*eu cover


    Exit RTD info, enter research*eu

    A new name, new graphics, more pages and more subjects, both brief and in-depth, more interaction with our readers… But an unchanged twofold editorial objective: to produce the European Research Area magazine which will serve as a bridge between science and society.

  • Gauthier Chapelle.

    2007, Polar Year

    Aboard the Polarstern

    Report from Gauthier Chapelle of the International Polar Foundation, who is taking part in a biological exploration expedition aboard the scientific ice-breaker Polarstern in the Antarctic during the 2006-2007 southern summer.

  • Gyrase is an enzyme of vital importance to bacteria, though not present in humans. It is therefore an ideal ‘target’ for the development of antibiotics (represented here in coloured balls).


    Anti-resistance measures

    CombiGyrase, a European research project on antibiotics, is providing hope in the battle against bacterial resistance.

  • Rape in Lorraine.


    Food for oil?

    Faced with the need for reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, can farmers become basic suppliers for industry? Analysis by the Euro-American consortium Epobio.

  • Manipulation of nuclear fuels in the actinide laboratory.

    Joint Research Centre

    Nuclear watchdogs in lab coats

    For a quarter of a century now, the EU’s Joint Research Centre has been providing its logistical expertise to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the body charged with combating the proliferation of nuclear weapons and materials.

  • The Adonis Project – At the nanoparticle level, gold can be bio-functionalised, or linked to the antibody’s organic matter, as it has the property of binding itself to certain cells in living tissue.


    The nano-metamorphoses of gold

    For some time now, gold has attracted researchers’ interest because of its functional qualities. At the nanoscale level, it exhibits new physical and chemical properties, lending itself to numerous possibilities, particularly in medicine.

  • Jerzy Buzek


    Jerzy Buzek, a scientist in politics

    The Solidarność freedom movement made Jerzy Buzek, a chemist and energy specialist, one of the most respected politicians in Poland. Now a Member of the European Parliament, he has been the Commission’s point of contact in the co-development of FP7.

  • A measured approach to gender

    Equal opportunities

    A measured approach to gender

    How is the notion of gender developing in Europe’s public policies? The Equapol project has studied this social approach in eight European countries.

  • Athena Web

    Research & Media

    Coming soon...

    A close-up of two ‘science and media’ initiatives from the Commission: AthenaWeb and Futuris.

  • Glacial meltdown

    Images of science

    Glacial meltdown

    An example taken from the exhibition Earth, a work of art, organised by the Helmholtz Association.