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Annual Report 1999

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Contents: The Community's RTD policy in 1998-1999



1. Adoption of a new research policy


A new framework for Community research | Adoption of the 5th Framework Programme and of the specific programmes | A larger budget | Rules for participation and dissemination of results | Renewal of advisory bodies | Improvements in management procedure


2. Community RTD in 1998


Implementation of the 4th Framework Programme | Creation of a European research area | Participation by firms | Impact on competitiveness, employment and quality of life | The Framework Programme and cohesion in the European Union | Women in Community research | CREST and coordination with national policies | International cooperation | Monitoring of the Framework Programme and activities of the advisory bodies | Taking account of the ethical aspects of science and technology | Action Plan for Innovation


3. Outlook for 1999


Implementation of the 5th Framework Programme | Monitoring of the Framework Programme and strategic reflexion


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