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Sources of further information


Annual monitoring reports (continual and systematic monitoring): these are published each year for the Framework Programme and each specific programme and provide concise, independent feedback on the progress and quality of the measures taken to implement the programmes.

Five-year assessment reports published every fourth year, both for the Framework Programme and for each specific programme, which present an independent retrospective evaluation of the relevance, efficiency, results and impact of the European Union RTD programmes.

The European report on science and technology indicators which contains descriptions, statistics and detailed analyses of European and national RTD activities in the world context.

Research and development: annual statistics (Eurostat): an annual publication containing comparable international statistics on R&D expenditure, R&D personnel and patents in the Member States, broken down by regional level.

The Commission's annual budgetary documents, i.e. the preliminary draft budget, the budget, the consolidated revenue and expenditure account and the balance sheet.

Studies and analyses published in connection with the Community RTD programmes and addressing issues specific to the fields of RTD which they cover.

Most of these documents can be obtained or ordered from the Commission's Internet sites:

Extensive information on EU policies can be found on these sites, and in particular, on the CORDIS site which is devoted to the RTD Framework Programme and on DG XII's site, all the reference documents, the texts of calls for proposals and a host of other information, in line with the Commission's transparency and information policy.

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