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  2. Community RTD in 1998

Women in Community research


The 5th Framework Programme explicitly refers to "the need to encourage the participation of women in the fields of research and technological development". The European Commission and the European Parliament held a major conference on "Women and Science" on 28 and 29 April 1998, bringing together almost 300 leading scientists and politicians. The Commission also drafted a communication reviewing the action taken already or planned in future with a view to mobilising women to enrich European research.16 The first tangible measures have been taken, notably:

  • An increase in the proportion of women in the groups appointed by the Commission to advise it on RTD policy: 27% of the members of the External Advisory Groups set up in 1998 are women;
  • Establishment of a group of experts on the balance between men and women in research policy;
  • Establishment of a coordination unit to raise awareness of women and science within the Commission departments responsible for the Framework Programme and introduction of the statistical tools required to monitor participation by women in the 5th Framework Programme.

16- Commission communication COM(1999)76, 17 February 1999.

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