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  1. Adoption of a new research policy

Rules for participation and dissemination of results7


The rules for participation and dissemination discussed and subsequently adopted at the same time as the Framework Programme included significant changes although, on the whole, with continuity from the previous provisions.

The changes of direction in the 5th Framework Programme have led to project evaluation criteria taking greater account of the economic and social benefits of the projects and of the potential for applying the results. Proposers8 will have to submit a "dissemination and exploitation plan" to the Commission and, if selected, the contract concluded with the Commission will include a more detailed "technological implementation plan". Moreover, in return for intellectual property rights better suited to industrial application of research, contractors will be required either to use the knowledge acquired or, after a specified period of time, to disseminate it.

7- In the case of the EC Framework Programme, rules for participation and for the dissemination of results (Decision 1999/65/EC, OJ L 26, 1.2.1999) and in the case of the Euratom Framework Programme rules for participation only (Decision 1999/66/Euratom, OJ L 26, 1.2.1999).
8- EC Framework Programme only.

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