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  1. Adoption of a new research policy

A new framework for Community research


Building on the principles behind the success of Community research and on the experience gained in the course of the previous Framework Programmes, the new Framework Programme provides appropriate responses to the challenges of the new millennium through innovation on several fronts, particularly:

  • Streamlined structure bringing together the RTD themes under four major programmes (excluding Euratom) instead of the 13 in the 4th Framework Programme (1994 - 1998).

  • Concentration of resources on integrated or coordinated RTD activities meeting the priority needs of citizens and society; the main means of achieving this is with multidisciplinary key actions which account for over two thirds of the funding under the Framework Programme and which cover all types of RTD, from basic research to demonstration activities; these key actions are backed up by generic RTD activities and support for research infrastructure.

  • Contribution of research to the Union's socioeconomic objectives, by means of key actions to resolve specific issues, but also by encouraging participation by SMEs which will receive at least 10% of the budget for the thematic programmes, plus revised rules for participation laying down the selection criteria for projects funded by the Community and attaching greater importance to take-up and dissemination of results.

  • Greater transparency and closer involvement of all interested parties, by improving the flow of information to the Council and the European Parliament and with the aid of continuing advice from the 17 External Advisory Groups for the key actions and/or programmes; the Framework Programme will also benefit from advice on ethical issues from the European Group on Ethics in Sciences and New Technologies.

  • Association of the eleven countries which have applied to join the Union,3 whose researchers will participate in the 5th (EC and, in the case of some countries, Euratom) Framework Programme on the same eligibility and funding conditions as EU teams, in return for contributions from these countries to the Community budget.

  • New strategy for the Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), whose role of serving Union policies has been consolidated and reinforced, with a work programme consequently focusing on research serving the citizen, sustainability, European competitiveness and nuclear safety.

  • Management tools which have been fully revamped for higher efficiency.

3- Plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Israel; and Switzerland, with which the EC Agreement must yet be ratified.

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