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research*eu focus supplement

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The Danube: a river of innovation (October 2011) ( 1.5 MB )

This publication presents the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) focusing efforts on the specific needs and characteristics of the region, for example through Europe’s research and innovation policies. It can act as a major building block for the implementation of Europe 2020. In the Danube region, which hosts the most international river basin in the world, linking 14 countries and 115 million people, the Strategy provides specific opportunities. These include smarter transport links, cheaper and more secure energy through better connections, and co-operation to minimise environmental risks and disasters. The EUSDR encourages innovative solutions in all these areas. In addition, the strategy contains a specific priority area which addresses the potential of the knowledge society in the region.
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A competitive Europe. Research regionally, develop globally (March 2009) ( 2.2 MB )

Regional stakeholders increasingly realise that research and innovation are key drivers for their sustainable economic and social development and their competitiveness, in line with the Lisbon strategy to promote the knowledge economy. A strong signal of this is evidenced by the fact that they have earmarked approximately 25 % of the budget of their agreed operational programmes in the framework of the current Structural Funds (SF) exercise (2007–13), totalling EUR 86 billion for research and innovation, including entrepreneurship. The SF allocated to research and innovation amount to nearly EUR 50 billion, which equals the budget of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)! The European Commission strongly welcomes this very positive orientation and looks forward toseeing it further strengthened.

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