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The Brain Conferences: The Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythm - 11-14 October 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sleep and circadian rhythms regulate all aspects of brain function. Co-chaired by Russell Foster (University of Oxford, UK) and Joseph Takahashi (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA), the focus of this Brain Conference will be on the molecular, cellular and neural networks that underlie the generation and regulation of sleep and circadian rhythms; by what means these biological processes interact and influence normal brain function and behaviour; and how these systems influence the development and state of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Topics for the conference will include:

  • the neural mechanisms of sleep, arousal states and sleep homeostasis;
  • the critical role of sleep for brain and body physiology including memory consolidation, immune responses and energy homeostasis;
  • the molecular and cellular mechanisms of circadian rhythm generation;
  • the regulation of sleep and circadian rhythms by light;
  • the consequences of the 24/7 society on sleep and health; and
  • the brain mechanisms underlying sleep and circadian rhythm disruption in neurodegenerative and psychiatric illnesses.

The Brain Conferences are organised by the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS, the major neuroscience association in Europe) in partnership with The Brain Prize. They bring together outstanding researchers in key broadly defined areas of contemporary neuroscience to discuss current concepts and define challenges for future research.

EPoSS Annual Forum 2015 & MNBS 2015 - 12-15 October 2015, Leuven, Belgium

The Annual Conference of EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration, will be a joint event with the MNBS Consultation and Concertation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems.

A Call for Presentations was launched for the EPoSS Annual Forum 2015 on 13 October 2015 under the motto “State of the (Sm)Art: Smart Systems Responding to Demand Side Requirements”.

The Call is open until 14 August 2015

ETP Nanomedicine Annual Event 2015 - 12-14 October 2015, Dublin, Ireland

The European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine, with the support of the ENATRANS Coordination and Support Action, will hold its 2015 Annual Event & General Assembly in Dublin, Ireland.

The event will take place from 12-14 October, kindly co-organised and hosted by Trinity College Dublin.

This year’s annual event aims to provide the European Nanomedicine community with best practices and new services while defining the strategy for Nanomedicine in the larger scope of enabling technologies for healthcare.

H2020 Funding for Primary Production, Food, Marine and the Bioeconomy - 13 October 2015, Manchester, UK

Please join us on the 13 October in Manchester for a European Commission presentation on the content of the EU Horizon 2020 Work Programme SC2 on Resource Efficient Bio-based Value Chains, including opportunities in Primary Production, Food, Marine and the Bioeconomy.

Annette Schneegans from European Commission, DG Agriculture & Rural Development, Unit Research & Innovation,  will be the keynote speaker.

There will also be informative presentations from the UK support network (e.g. National Contact Points) for Agri-Food and other related funding calls and the opportunity for advice and face-to-face discussions with the NCPs, KTN and EEN.

You will also be able to get guidance on where applicants go wrong and helpful guidance to improve the quality of your proposal.

Shaping the Future of Food Safety, Together - 14-16 October 2015, Milan, Italy

Scientists from in and outside Europe are invited to attend a major scientific conference organised by EFSA on the occasion of the World EXPO 2015. The conference focuses on two major themes – Assessment Science and Science, Innovation and Society – and is organised in plenary and breakout sessions.

Participants are invited to register online by 15 May 2015. Scientists and early-career researchers have the opportunity to showcase their work by submitting an abstract for the poster session by 3rd April 2015.

To help early-career researchers participate in the conference, EFSA is offering to make a financial contribution to the travel and accommodation costs of selected participants.

The conference is free of charge for participants.

Innovabone conference: Biomaterials for bone regeneration - 14-15 October 2015, Brussels

In two days of sharing and learning the latest results obtained by EU-funded project InnovaBone on biomaterials for bone regeneration, the conference will gather scientists, representatives from patients associations, health professionals, policy makers, industrial players and citizens to explore how to place InnovaBone into future orthopaedic practice and maximize its business opportunities.

Interested in EU Research Funding in Ethiopia? - 14 October 2015, Addis Ababa

Come along to our information seminar to learn about the opportunities for Ethiopian researchers in the Horizon 2020 programme.

The purpose of the event is to inform researchers and research institutions on the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme, opportunities for Ethiopian researchers and conditions for participation. On the same day, the European Commission will publish the next calls for proposals of Horizon 2020 for the years 2016 and 2017.

Places will be limited and security rules require registration. To register and ensure access to the event, please send an email to Mrs Hilina Lakew (

Training course - Swelling clays: From compacted bentonite to clay colloids in the context of nuclear - 14-16 October 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany

The BELBaR project is holding a training course, "Swelling clays: From compacted bentonite to clay colloids in the context of nuclear." The intention of the course is to provide the participants with a sound understanding of clays, clay colloids and their role in the context of nuclear waste disposal.

The course comprises both overview and introductory lectures from experts in the field and hands-on training on state-of-the-art analytical techniques used in the characterization of clays, clay colloids and the interaction of clay colloids with radionuclides.

Swiss Energy Briefing: Energising Smart Buildings and Future Mobility - 15 October 2015, Brussels

The briefing will reflect on how to reduce energy needs for the next generation of smart buildings from Swiss and EU perspectives.

The Swiss Innovation Briefing, jointly organised by the Mission of Switzerland to the EU and SwissCore, will host the following speakers: Gian-Luca Bona, Alexander Wokaun, Walter Steinmann and Mark Van Stiphout, who, after their presentations, will take part in a panel discussion moderated by Christian Schaffner, Executive Director of the Energy Science Center at ETH Zurich.

Registration is open till 9 October 2015

Czech is Nano - 15 October 2015, Brussels

Main aim of this event is to provide an overview of the nanotechnology sector in the Czech Republic with several case studies of successful companies with high international profile (Contipro, IQ Structures, Pardam) and to offer a networking platform to establish closer contacts between various parts of the nanotechnology field in the European Union.

Apart from the introduction, the topics will cover the areas of nanomedicine, 3D nanoprinting, and nanostructures for energy storage or security measures.

Contribution of the Slovak Republic to the ERA. New Research Infrastructure - 15 October 2015, Brussels

The main aim of the conference is to introduce new universities science parks and research centers in different scientific areas. The event will provide space and opportunity for establishing further research collaboration.

First 3D-Printed Meal - Final PERFORMANCE Conference - 16 October 2015, Brussels

Be amongst the first to learn more about the sophisticated PERFORMANCE 3D-food printer, which produces nutritionally enriched meals for elderly people with swallowing and chewing difficulties.

After three years of intense work in this €3 million, EU-funded project, all 14 PERFORMANCE partners present their final results.

Public-Private Partnerships Info Day - Register Now ! - 16 October 2015, Brussels, Charlemagne and Centre Albert Borschette

On 16 October 2015, an Info Day on the Research Public-Private Partnerships (cPPPs) will take place in Brussels. 

The aim of the event is to give the research community an overview of ongoing activities in the following PPPs : Factories of the Future, Energy-efficient Buildings, Sustainable Process Industry and European Green Vehicles Initiative. Support will be given for the preparation of proposals for the 2016 calls, and there will be plenty of opportunities for networking. 

Registration website :

All sessions will be webstreamed and recorded, and presentations will be published after the event.

The links to the webstreaming will be live on 16 October 2015 from 9:30 onwards.

Vascular Biology 2015 - 18-22 October 2015, Hyannis, MA, USA

Vascular Biology 2015 will deliver presentations in cutting edge research in cardiovascular biology.

Towards an EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture - 18 October 2015, EXPO Milan - Italy

The Directorate for International Cooperation of DG Research and Innovation organises an interactive round-table on the role of EU-Africa cooperation in science, technology and innovation supporting food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA) and its roadmap.

The focus will be on the role of women and youth as game changers in the field as well as on other successful cooperation models with Africa. Best practices and lessons learned will be shared by a variety of key stakeholders and international experts coming from  public and private sector.

The event offers a unique visibility opportunity and an exclusive platform for bringing together new ideas, discuss innovative solutions and challenging opportunities.


Policy Seminar - New Horizons for Cultural Heritage - 19 October 2015, Brussels

Recalibrating relationships: bringing cultural heritage and people together in a changing Europe. The scope of the seminar is to discuss how the RICHES project (Renewal, Innovation and Change: Heritage and European Society) can provide insights to support evidence-based policymaking in Europe.

The seminar will comprise political updates by representatives from the European Parliament and the European Commission, the presentation of policy recommendations from the RICHES project and a Round Table discussion involving major stakeholders.

Participation in the event is by invitation only.

All those with an interest in the Seminar may follow the preparatory work and access the results through the RICHES project website (below). The results of the Seminar will be reproduced and made available online for all interested audiences.

China-Europe CHOICE Final Event - 19-22 October 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

From 19-22 October, the CHOICE project will host its final event on “Providing continuous progress in strengthening China collaboration on ICT RDI with Europe”.

The CHOICE final event will consist of (i) a conference (on 19 October) and (ii) a booth at ICT 2015 (20-22 October).

Horizon 2020 - Opportunità per imprese, ricerca e innovazione - 19 October 2015, Milan, Italy

Information day on Horizon 2020

Registration is open for Aerodays 2015! - 20-23 October 2015, London, UK, The Queen Elisabeth II Conference Center

Registration is now open, go to the conference's website to ensure your place. Early bird rate is applicable on all booking before August 14th.

Aerodays is a European flagship event bringing together over 1000 attendees from the world of Aeronautics and Air Transport research. This prestigious event will provide a unique opportunity to share the results of collaborative research, showcase innovations, discuss policy and developments for work funded through the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, and takes us forward to Horizon 2020 and beyond. This three day conference is a critical pathway to ensure that Europe remains competitive in these sectors.




SAVE THE DATE! Aerodays 2015 - 20-23 October 2015, Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, UK

Aerodays is the European Commission flagship event in Aviation research and innovation taking place once during each EU Research Framework Programme. The goal is to share achievements of collaborative research and innovation in Aeronautics and Air Transport within Europe and in world-wide international co-operation. For this edition - in the course of Horizon 2020 the EU Framework Programme 2014-2020 - five key themes based on Europe’s Vision for Aviation ‘Flightpath 2050‘ and subsequent work of ACARE: efficient and seamless mobility; Competitiveness of Industry; Greening of Aviation; Safety & Security; Skills for Breakthroughs. The programme will consist in plenary and parallel sessions and some additional social events. The last day, October 23 will be dedicated to optional technical visits. The event is co-organised by the European Commission, the British Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and ADS Group Limited.

USE2015 – Conference on Understanding Small Enterprises - 21-23 October 2015, Groningen, The Netherlands

One of the characteristics of a small business is its interconnectedness with its environment or network: customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and the communities in which it resides. The networked nature of small businesses gives rise to the subtheme of USE2015: “A Healthy Working Life in A Healthy Business”. The organizers welcome papers on substantial, original and unpublished research on any issue relevant to the conference. Especially welcome are abstracts on topics directly related to the three main conference themes: 1. Healthy and safe working environments at SMEs 2. Health organizations as small businesses 3. SMEs in a networked society.

The USE conference will be held for the third time (previously in 2013 (Australia); 2009 (Denmark)) and provides a forum to enhance our understanding of small enterprises as well as has a unique focus on the well-being of both people and business.

Contrail-cirrus, other non-CO2 effects and Smart Flying - 22 October 2015, London

The aim of this event is to bring together the atmospheric science and civil aircraft operating communities to consider the prospects for reducing the climate impact of contrail-cirrus by re-routing air traffic to avoid the localised regions of cold moist air in which persistent contrails form.

Out of the discussions it is hoped that guidance and priorities will emerge to determine the direction of research in both communities, stimulate new co-operative projects within the EC research framework and influence the forward thinking of policy makers.

The International Conference on Green Computing, Intelligent and Renewable Energies (GCIRE2015) - 27-29 October 2015, Kuala Lumpur

The event will be held over three days, with presentations delivered by researchers from the international community, including presentations from keynote speakers and state-of-the-art lectures.

Interested in EU funding? Did you know that you have to comply with article 32? - 29 October 2015, Brussels

Come along to our info-day together with your institution's HR Manager to find out more.

This event addresses all beneficiaries and potential applicants of H2020 contracts/projects who need to comply with article 32 stipulating the obligation to take measures to implement the European Charter and Code (C & C) for the benefit of all researchers and their institution.

The purpose of the event is to fully inform ‘newcomers’ (research institutions and funders) on the principles of Charter and Code and their implementation in the research institution via a step-wise procedure called the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R). Successful implementation is awarded by the Commission Services and evidences compliance with article 32 of your H2020 grant agreement.

Please note the new date: 29 October 2015!

Trust: European Research Co-creating Resilient Societies - 29-30 October 2015, Brussels

One key question faced by Europe is trust. Trust in others, trust of European citizens in public authorities, trust between employers and employees, trust in a shared common European future. These issues are culminating in recent sensitive debates on migrations, radicalisation, growth and austerity and on geopolitical changes.

The two-day conference “Trust: European Research Co-Creating Resilient Societies” offers a unique forum to discuss the different perceptions of trust and how research can contribute to fostering trust in societies. The conference is this year’s key event on SC 6 “Europe in a Changing World – Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies” in the EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon 2020. The conference will not only highlight research within the social sciences and humanities but also connect researchers with policy-makers and stakeholders willing to co-create resilient European societies.




BIN@PORTO 2015: Responsible Research & Innovation: a collective, sustainable, inclusive and system-wide approach - 2-4 November 2015, Porto, Portugal

The Business & Innovation Network Annual Event is an exciting networking opportunity for you to connect with academia, Science & Technology Parks, Incubators, tech-based firms, Investors, and many others. Participation is free-of-charge including the opportunity to participate in the Technologies Showroom & Business Showcase.

BIN@ is an international network of academic and industry partners engaged and supporting the creation of a sustainable forum for sharing good practice and opportunities in Innovation. It was founded by 3 Universities: Porto, Sheffield and São Paulo. BIN@ has currently over 1600 delegates worldwide and so far we had 5 annual international events, held in Portugal, UK and Brazil.

European Space Launchers - 3-4 November 2015, Paris, France

On 26 November 1965, the Diamant launcher sent the 39kg Astérix satellite into orbit from its launch base in Hammaguir. To mark this 50th anniversary, the Air and Space Academy is organising a conference on the topic of European space launchers. This event will examine the emerging competition in the USA, Russia, Japan and China, as well as looking at exciting developments in Europe such as the concept of a flexible family of launchers with Ariane 6 and Vega C, the creation of Airbus Safran Launchers as general contractor and the evolving role of Arianespace.

The conference will call on top-level speakers to provide a clear, comprehensive panorama of current European launcher services. It will be structured around four sessions:

-The historical background

-The global environment and the market for launch services

-Europe's technical and organisational response to competition

-Future prospects for technical evolution.

After each session participants will be able to exchange views with speakers. This conference should meet the expectations of all those who consider European independent access to space to be a strategic priority. 

Info Day on the 2016-2017 Horizon 2020 Work programme 'Smart, green and integrated transport' - 5 November 2015, Brussels

The event targets potential applicants to the calls for project proposals under the Horizon 2020 challenge ‘Smart, green and integrated transport’.


Presentations will cover the Work Programme for 2016-2017 and the application procedure, as well as detailed information on the calls.  Participants will have numerous networking opportunities throughout the day.


Registration for the event is now closed as we have reached the maximum room capacity. If you wish to modify your registration, please use this link:


A brokerage event in the field of transport research will take place in the afternoon:


 You will be able to follow the info day online, as well as send your questions in advance and during the event.


More information and the agenda will follow. Please contact us for further information.


Info Day on Smart Cities & Communities - 2016-2017 Horizon 2020 Work programme 'Cross-cutting Activities' - Call 'Smart and Sustainable Cities' - 6 November 2015, Charlemagne building, Brussels

Description of the event

The event targets potential applicants to the calls for project proposals under the Smart Cities & Communities topic of the Horizon 2020 Work programme 2016-2017 ‘Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy’. 


Presentations will cover the Smart Cities & Communities part of the 2016-2017 Work Programme and the application procedure, as well as provide detailed information on the calls.


A networking session will be organised in the afternoon on five themes:

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • ICT 
  • Lighthouse city
  • Follower city



Free and compulsory registration is now open on


Please note that due to the limited number of seats only one person from an organisation will be registered.  


Follow the event remotely

The event will be streamed online; the webcast link will be available on this page before the info day.


Follow the event on twitter #H2020SCC1!


More information and the agenda will follow. Please contact us for further information.


Basic Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cancer - 8-11 November 2015, Berlin

This conference will cover some of the most recent advances and cutting edge research in the field of epigenetics and its relationship to cancer.

We have created a programme that brings together basic scientists with translational and clinical researchers. During the meeting, there will be great opportunities for young scientists to meet the experts in the field, and we aim to create an open and engaging environment for discussion.

Recent advances in technology allow us to consider the epigenome as well as the genome of a tumour on an individual level. These advances, in combination with high throughput technologies, are leading to rapid advances in the development of epigenetic biomarkers and novel therapeutic targets.

GEO-XII Plenary and the 2015 Ministerial Summit - 9-13 November 2015, Mexico city, Mexico

Advocate - Engage - Deliver: Earth Observations to Address Global Challenges.

The GEO-XII Plenary and the 2015 Ministerial Summit, as well as all the associated meetings and events will take in Mexico City from 9 to 13 November 2015.

Details concerning the GEO XII Plenary and the accompanying call for participation in an exhibition and side-events are available on the GEO Website.

Please note that everyone attending the Plenary and/or the Ministerial Summit must be registered and everyone registering must be part of a delegation (national, organisational or EC).
Actual registration will be available via the GEO website nearer to the event. In the meantime, you should either approach your national delegation (or GEO participating organisation if you work for one) OR, if you are participating in an EU-funded project, you may request to be part of the EC delegation.

You should let us know as soon as possible whether you wish to avail of this possibility and in any case, no later than 30 September 2015.

Contact: Jane Shiel -

Bioeconomy investment summit - Unlocking EU leadership in 21st Century Bioeconomy - 9-10 November 2015, Brussels

Join this high-level event hosted by the Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Carlos Moedas, to focus on investment opportunities in the Bioeconomy.

The Bioeconomy Investment Summit will be held at the Charlemagne building (see link below) and it will include two major exhibitions – a bioeconomy flat furnished and decorated with everyday objects that show how the bioeconomy is already part of our lives; and a two floor exhibition with successful bioeconomy projects.

The objective of the two-day Summit is to identify possible ways to mobilize private and public investment for the Bioeconomy, by notably ensuring supportive framework conditions including policy and regulatory environments.

The event will bring together high-level representatives from the European institutions, industry, primary producers, civil society and the scientific community; representatives from regional public investment banks, and private equity firms investing in the bioeconomy; members of the European Parliament; representatives of producers in the agricultural, forestry and marine sectors.

The Bioeconomy holds enormous potential for growth and job creation and it will play a major role in the creation of Europe's new smart and resource-efficient economy.

Registration is free but compulsory.
Applications will be considered on a “first come, first served” basis.

Crossing Biological Barriers - Advances in Nanocarrier Design for Targeted Delivery - 9-11 November 2015, Dresden, Germany

The international conference will address the latest developments in nanocarrier-based targeted drug delivery systems, specifically designed to overcome biological barriers. The event will connect academic and industrial players, creating synergies between different disciplines.

This innovative event is jointly organised by the European Projects TRANS-INT, COMPACT and ALEXANDER, all three dealing with cutting-edge nanomedicine drug delivery topics.

Be part of this conference and submit your contribution now!


  • Overcoming Biological Barriers
  • Targeted Drug Delivery Systems (Oral, Ocular, Pulmonary Dermal, BBB Crossing Delivery
  • Biodistribution and In Vivo Imaging of Nanoparticles
  • Scale-up, Translational and Regulatory Issues of Drug Delivery Systems

EGI Community Forum 2015: Building Next Generation e-Infrastructures through Communities - 10-13 November 2015, Bari, Italy

The EGI Community Forum aims at gathering tool developers, infrastructure providers, data providers and research communities to work together towards open science.


Nowadays, research practice is increasingly - and in many cases exclusively - data driven. Knowledge of how to use tools to manipulate research data, and the availability of e-infrastructures to support them, are foundational.

Along with this, new types of communities are forming around interests in digital tools, computing facilities and data repositories. By making infrastructure services, community engagement and training inseparable, existing communities can be empowered by new ways of doing research, and new communities can be created around tools and data.

(Registration opening in July.)

Trafficking for Labour Exploitation in Domestic Work Workshop - 11 November 2015, Villa La Fonte, via delle Fontanelle 18, San Domenico di Fiesole (Fi)

The workshop on Trafficking for Labour Exploitation in Domestic Work, organised jointly by the FP7 funded project DemandAT and the TRAFFICKO project, will present and discuss research findings on severe exploitation and trafficking in Italy’s domestic work sector, what are the driving factors as well as prevention and protection measures; how to address demand in the context of trafficking in domestic work with comparative insights from seven European Countries, and the emergence of trafficking in domestic work as a policy challenge and ways to combat it.


The final conference of the Civic Espistemologies project will illustrate and promote a Roadmap that indicates a set of steps to improve the relationship between cultural heritage and society.

The conference will offer an opportunity for as many members as possible of the network of common interest to come together to discuss the topic of citizen researchers in digital cultural heritage and humanities and to contribute to the general vision to an open science infrastructure for the digital cultural heritage in 2020.

Standardization in Horizon2020 - Webinar - 17 November 2015, online

This webinar will explain the role of standardization in innovation, and provide you with tools and tips on how to correctly address standards in your project proposal.

It will include concrete case studies of successful research projects which have addressed standardization.

A detailed programme will be added closer to the date.

To register your interest please email, with the subject line 'Horizon2020 Webinar'.

Manufuture 2015 - Strategic investments in European manufacturing to rise to global challenges - 23-24 November 2015, Luxembourg

The EU has defined a strategic objective to boost reindustrialisation and increase the manufacturing industry’s current GDP contribution of approximately 16% to as much as 20%. In order to succeed, it is essential to optimise the use of key instruments such as the European Structural and Investment Funds and Horizon 2020 and widen the access to finance for new manufacturing ventures as well as established companies with high growth potential on global level.

Manufuture 2015 will:

  • Assess manufacturing research and development progress in Europe compared with global competitors
  • Define the conditions needed for successfully reindustrialising Europe
  • Identify and endorse new policy instruments, business models, support mechanisms and technologies
  • Develop recommendations for policy makers

7th European Innovation Summit - 7-10 December 2015, Brussels

The 7th European Innovation Summit (7th EIS) is Knowledge4Innovation's annual flagship event taking place in the European Parliment in Brussels. The 7th EIS is taking place under the framework of the K4I Forum of the European Parliment which includes more than 30 MEPs.

The Forum is chaired by Lambert van Nistelrooij MEP. Other members include Jerzy Buzek MEP, Vice-Chair, Chair of the ITRE Committee and former President of the European Parliement, and Vicky Ford MEP, Chair of the IMCO Committee. The 7th EIS will bring together more than 1000 innovation stakeholders from Europe. 

The 2nd International Conference on Advance Materials Research and Application (AMRA 2015) - 18-21 December 2015, Shenzhen, China

The main objective of AMRA 2015 is to provide a comprehensive global forum for experts and participants from academia to exchange ideas and present results of material research and application.

Sustainable Nuclear Energy Conference - 12-14 April 2016, Nottingham, UK

The conference will look at the nuclear cycle from cradle to grave with a focus on current reactor systems, future systems and fuels, advanced fuel cycles and the new challenges of decommissioning and waste management.

Call for papers under the following broad themes:

  • Current reactor systems
  • Future or alternative reactor systems and fuels
  • Advanced fuel cycles
  • New challenges in decommissioning, waste management and disposal
  • Advanced uses of nuclear fission

Visit the website for full details

International Meeting of the Psychonomic Society - 5-8 May 2016, Granada, Spain

The Psychonomic Society is the home for scientists who study how the mind works. Members of the Society are experimental psychologists among whose numbers are some of the most distinguished researchers in the field.

Many of us are concerned with the application of psychology to health, technology and education, and many of us use converging methods such as neuroscience and computational science to achieve our research goals.

This international conference is one of several new initiatives being launched by the Psychonomic Society and it is already promising to be an exciting meeting as being collaborating with the Spanish Society for Experimental Psychology (SEPEX) and the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCOP), to ensure that the best of European and North American Experimental Psychology will be on show.

Adaptation Futures - 10-13 May 2016, Rotterdam the Netherlands

Adaptation Futures is the biennial conference of the Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA).

In 2016 the European Commission and the Government of the Netherlands co-host the fourth edition.

Adaptation Futures 2016
.. is a conference and market-place for practices and solutions
.. strengthens ties between science and practice
.. engages communities of practice and builds new partnerships
.. links adaptation action to current development, investment, planning

Join on


Twitter @confAF2016

The call for abstracts and sessions is now open!
Deadline = 4 October