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Quality of Life

Quality of Life and Management
of Living Resources Programme

implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme (1999-2002)


Publications of the Quality of Life Programme

Last update: 02.12.2003












  • Japan - EU / Workshop on Bioventures / Report

    The European Commission Research Directorate-General and MITI - Ministry of International Trade in Industry - in Japan organised a joint EU-Japan workshop on bioventures - biotechnology start-ups and bio-entrepreneurship - on 25th September 2000 in Tokyo. This EU-Japan workshop was intended to be an opportunity to exchange information on the European and Japanese approaches to encourage biotech spin-offs - from universities but also from big firms -, entrepreneurial initiatives and new bioventures, as this is an objective of major importance both in Japan and Europe.

Report of the Workshop in english - Pdf file: 177 kB

For further information:

Annexes - Pdf file: 65 kB
Overview of Biotechnology Developments
Biovalleys and Bioincubators
Bioventure Firms
Biotechnology Investments



  • European research on transmissible spongiform encephalopathies

    This publication describes the 54 research projects on transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (including BSE, Creutzfeldt-Jakob etc) which are now being supported by the European Union. The document presents results achieved so far on subjects such as: characterisation and diagnosis of prions; clinical, epidemiological and social research; risk assessment; treatment and prevention; co-ordination of activities between Member States.
    To order the document:
    Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies: the European initiative.
    ISBN 92-828-9581-5, 129 pages (EUR 22,00).

  • Improving the Quality of Life brochure

    This 16-page brochure presents the programme in layman's terms, with examples of earlier projects. It is available in 3 languages.

    • English  version
      ISBN catalogue number: 92-828-5549-X EUR
      catalogue number: CG-19-98-641-EN-C
    • French version
      ISBN catalogue number: 92-828-5570-8 EUR
      catalogue number: CG-19-98-641-FR-C
    • German version
      ISBN catalogue number: 92-828-5548-1
      EUR catalogue number: CG-19-98-641-DE-C
  • EC-US Task Force on Biotechnology Research

    This booklet entitled “Mutual understanding” reviews a decade of collaboration (34 pages).
    Catalogue number: EUR 19407
    ISBN 92-894-0110-9


  • CORDIS RTD-results

    Supplement Compilation of science and technology results from FP-4 life science programmes (Biomed, Biotech and FAIR), available in print and in PDF:
    EUR catalogue number: CD-AF-98-043-EN-C
    ISBN 1022-6559


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