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European Flag    Europa The European Commission Research Fifth Framework Programme
Improving the Quality of Life

Sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry, including integrated development of rural areas

The Earth's ecosystems are a marvellous resource but must be treated with respect.

People have always exploited the Earth's natural resources. As the human population has increased in size and technological power, so have the pressures on the environment.
This key action will develop the knowledge and the techniques to help Europe exploit its living resources in ways that are efficient, effective and, above all, sustainable. Changes in the EU's common agricultural and fisheries policies, and its regulations and standards, will be balanced by the need to maintain Europe's competitive edge in key industries.

Agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture
  • improving systems of production and exploitation, and developing new approaches for sustainable agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture
  • improving the health and welfare of animals
  • reducing undesirable effects on the environment

sustainable production; farm technologies; organic farming; integrated fishery management; fish conservation; diversification of cultivated species; genetic improvement; disease resistance and control

Support for common policies
  • studying the international context, particularly within the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  • monitoring the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • monitoring and enforcing the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)
  • analysing factors affecting coastal communities

scientific support; world trade disputes; food quality; rural development; fishing data; market-support mechanisms

The integrated forestry-wood chain
  • multifunction management of forests
  • sustainable and multipurpose use of forest resources

forest management and conservation; forestry-wood chain; environment-friendly processes and recycling technologies; pulp and paper

Industrial uses of renewable biomaterials
  • integrating production and exploitation
  • meeting market requirements and satisfying the end-user

green chemicals; biopolymers; biofuels

Integrated and sustainable develo pment of rural areas
  • analysing rural situations, changes and trends
  • producing integrated development concepts for rural and other relevant areas
  • assessing rural and coastal development policies

modelling; trans-European transfer; landscape management; multifunction agriculture; socio-economic importance of aquaculture and fisheries

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