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Improving the Quality of Life

Environment and health

Improving health means tackling hazards in the environment and the workplace and unravelling the environmental components of diseases and allergies.

Many lifestyle and environmental factors impinge on our overall well being. This key action will investigate how exposure to air pollution, heavy metals, toxic substances, electromagnetic radiation and noise can affect health. It will also improve understanding of which aspects of our environment pose the greatest threat as causes of conditions such as asthma, allergies and skin cancer, allowing us to restrict or avoid them in the future.
Tackling these issues requires the transnational approach that only collaborative European research can offer.

Environmental impact on diseases and allergies
  • analysing the impact of environmental factors on human health
  • assessing the importance of, and interaction between, factors affecting health
  • developing an integrated approach to risk management covering both environmental and public health factors

environmental factors; allergens; environment related diseases; exposure risk perception

Risk assessment and management
  • developing methods to assess environmental hazards
  • improving predictive toxicity testing and risk assessment to reduce and replace animal testing
  • improving assessment of short- and long-term exposure to environmental agents

epidemiological and biomedical studies; non-ionising irradiation; toxic substances; biomarkers; bio-indicators; predictive toxicity testing; screening; risk characterisation

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