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European Flag    Europa The European Commission Research Fifth Framework Programme
Improving the Quality of Life

Networking and Cooperation

The programme will make optimum use of Europe's existing research facilities and encourage the coordinated development of new ones.


While research facilities are crucial to most research fields, this is particularly the case with the life sciences. Europe has already demonstrated the value of coordinating research efforts and facilities in the field.
The Quality of Life programme will build on that experience, reinforcing the 'European added value' obtained by broadening access to Europe's research facilities, and optimising their use. The programme will also improve the complementarity of new facilities by supporting the coordination of relevant national and multinational initiatives. Projects and training activities centred around specific facilities will be used to network researchers across Europe.
The programme will focus on three classes of infrastructure:

  • Biological data and collections of biological material. These will include databases, information services and networks of biological expertise, and collections of materials for genetic research.
  • Clinical research facilities. These will provide opportunities to carry out pre-clinical and clinical trials.
  • Facilities for aquaculture and fishery research

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