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Improving the Quality of Life

Further Information

Further information on the Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources programme can be obtained from:

Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources Help Desk:
Fax. +32 2 299 18 60

Information Online
The above home page is hosted by CORDIS, the Community R&D Information Service. The CORDIS home page ( is a practical, integrated source of information on European research and innovation, providing:

  • home pages for all research programmes;
  • the information needed to prepare and submit proposals for research projects;
  • information on opportunities for SMEs and services dedicated to promoting innovation;
  • databases on R&D news, partners, projects, research results, programmes, publications, events and much more;
  • "partner search" services to help organisations locate partners for project proposals;
  • an update service (RAPIDUS) which e-mails you information matching your own criteria, from calls for proposals in a particular area to profiles of organisations looking for research partners; and much more.

General information on the Fifth Framework Programme is also available on the home page of Research DG

Networking across Europe
CORDIS also provides further information on the Europe-wide networks dedicated to bringing European research and innovation to your region:


A range of magazines is available from the Research DG Communications Unit and the Innovation Help Desk (see below - the * or ** tells you which) to keep researchers and industry regularly informed on European research and innovation.

*RTD Info: a regular update on programme activities, calls and events, as well as information on research results - quarterly, in English, French and German.

**Innovation & Technology Transfer: everything the EU does in research, with an emphasis on innovation and technology transfer - bimonthly, in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

** Euroabstracts: provides a round-up of new publications on research and innovation from around Europe - bimonthly, in English only.

** CORDIS Focus: the latest news on EU research and research-related programmes and policies from the CORDIS News service - fortnightly, in English, French German, Italian and Spanish.


The Research DG's Communications Unit can also provide the following general brochures:

* The Fifth Framework Programme: a thorough, 75-page introduction to the programmes and their key actions, as well as opportunities for involvement.

* Programme Brochures: this brochure is one of seven. The other brochures cover:

  • User-friendly information society
  • Competitive and sustainable growth
  • Energy, environment and sustainable development
  • Confirming the international role of community research
  • Innovation and participation of SMEs
  • Improving human research potential and the socio-economic knowledge base


*Research DG Communication Unit
Fax: +32 2 295 82 20
E-mail: Research DG contacts
** Innovation Helpdesk, Enterprise DG
Fax: +352 4301 32084
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