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Quality of Life

Quality of Life and Management
of Living Resources Programme

implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme (1999-2002)

  Key Action 6 : The Ageing Population and their Disabilities

Mid-Term Assessment Report 2003


Key Action 6 The Ageing Population and their Disabilities

Prepared by
Christel Jaubert and Alexandra Resch

The ageing of Europe’s population will be a crucial challenge for the 21st century. Society will be
facing three major changes: first, increasing numbers of active older people demanding new social
structures and opportunities; second, increasing numbers of disabled older people requiring new
interventions and improved health and social care with resulting economic consequences; and third,
complex economic, technological, organisational and social challenges involved in the ageing of

If society wants to benefit from these changes, innovative social, organisational and technological
responses are needed.

"Under the Fifth Framework-Programme for Research and Technological Development in the Quality of Life Programme, Key Action 6 on the “Ageing population and their Disabilities” was established to respond to these challenges. Community wide cross-sectoral multidisciplinary research, combining and integrating efforts in the biological, biomedical, psychological, economic and social fields are supported to promote the global objective: healthy ageing."


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