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index by sub-area Sweden
  Project number   Project title
  QLK5-CT-1999-00679 Propagation of European pines via somatic embryogenesis
  QLK5-CT-1999-01277 Towards efficient oxygen delignification
  QLK5-CT-1999-01284 Environmentally adapted mixed diesel fuel systems containing diesel, ethanol and RME
  QLK5-CT-1999-01467 Linking raw material characteristics with industrial needs for environmentally sustainable and efficient transformation processes
  QLK5-CT-1999-01507 Minimising stress-inducing factors on cattle during handling and transport to improve animal welfare and meat quality
  QLK5-CT-1999-01520 Fibre variability of European spruce and wood assortments for improved TMP production
  QLK5-CT-1999-31656 Gastrointestinal functions and food intake regulation in salmonids: impact of dietary vegetable lipids
  QLK5-CT-2000-00443 Enzyme discovery in hybrid aspen for fibre engineering