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index by sub-area Greece
  Project number   Project title
  QLK5-CT-1999-30360 Cloning and functional analysis of fish peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors: the transcriptional control of lipid metabolism in farmed fish species
  QLK5-CT-1999-31629 Environmental, nutritional and neuroendocrine regulation of skin coloration in the red porgy (Pagrus pagrus), towards the development of natural hue in cultured populations
  QLK5-CT-2000-00044 Biodegradable plastics for environmentally friendly mulching and low-tunnel cultivation
  QLK5-CT-2000-01031 MEDMONT - Tools for evaluating investment in Mediterranean mountain areas - an integrated framework for sustainable development
  QLRT-CT-2000-01797 Bridging genomes: an integrated genomic approach toward genetic improvement of aquacultured fish species *