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Today, European agriculture has to meet demand for cheap, plentiful food and non-food products while giving due regard to issues such as sustainability, animal welfare and the wider needs of the environment. EU research seeks to expand agricultural knowledge to support farmers, policy-makers, consumers and regulatory bodies.

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Agricultural research is one of six key actions in the EC's "Quality of Life and Living Resources" programme which run from 1998-2002, and is still running in several cases.

Key Action 5, covering sustainable agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development funded a range of research projects covering the following areas: plant systems; animal systems; fisheries and aquaculture; non-food development; forestry management; forest products; common agricultural and fisheries policies; and rural development.

Supporting sustainable production through rational use of the Earth's limited resources is a guiding principle for KA5, and where possible research projects embrace innovative new technologies such as biotechnology.

In the framework of the "Quality of Life" fifth programme Key Action 5, DG Research decided to publish the update of the Report "Key Action 5 Sustainable Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Research projects Volume 1 (1999-2001)".

This contains a description of the projects, their results and progress achieved so far.

The updated data are available on this Website and are classified by research area:


New and sustainable systems of production, including breeding methods and exploitation in agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture

5.1.1 Sustainable agriculture; Plant systems; Animal Systems
5.1.2 Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

5.2. The integrated production and exploitation of biological materials for non-food users


Sustainable and multi-purpose utilisation of forest resources; the integrated forestry-wood chain

5.3.1 Multifunctional management of forests
5.3.2 The forestry wood chain

5.4. Support for common policies - development of methods of control, surveillance and protection including protection of land and prevention of soil erosion
5.5. New tools and models for the integrated and sustainable development of rural and other relevant areas