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index by sub-area 5.3.2. Strategies for the sustainable and multipurpose utilisation of forest resources; the forestry-wood chain
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Magnetic resonance imaging of wood and its interface with glue, coatings and air

Contract nr: QLK5-CT-1999-01587
Project type: RS (Research and Technological Development Project)
Starting date: 01-02-2000
Duration: 36 months
Total cost: 745,754 EUR
EC Contribution: 514,012 EUR
Scientific Officer: Norbert WINKLER
Research topic: 5.3.2. Strategies for the sustainable and multipurpose utilisation of forest resources; the forestry-wood chain

Wood is a sustainable, renewable, versatile material. When processed, dried and protected correctly it becomes a high-quality stable material. The increasing use of environmentally friendly coatings can cause problems with rot in wood panels due to water retention in the coating/wood interface. Moisture ingress into glue can lead to mechanical failure. This project utilises recent advances in magnetic resonance imaging techniques which allows visualisation of the moisture content in wood at its interface with air, coatings and glue. Moisture profiles in untreated, glued and coated wood drying and rehydration will be measured. A surface layer drying model will improve electrical impedance moisture sensors used in kiln drying control. Quantitative measurements of coatings and glues as a function of composition assists the development of improved products. Through an understanding of wood properties we can gain both economic and environmental benefits.


1) to use MRI to measure moisture profiles in wood and wood/coating/adhesive layers;
2) to use MRI to parameterise the wood drying profile at the surface layer for a range of samples and conditions;
3) to build a model of surface layer drying and to implement this model in kiln drying control software to achieve higher performance;
4) to utilise this drying model to improve the methodology of alternate, lower cost electrical impedance moisture measurements;
5) to create a formulation template for water-borne coatings and information on durability from measurements on a range of samples with a range of coating formulations;
6) to determine the effect of moisture at the wood/glue interface by measurement of mechanical performance related to moisture levels;
7) to provide this information to suppliers, manufacturers and end users; and
8) to assess the possibilities for the use of MRI in the timber process and products industry.

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