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index by sub-area 5.2. The integrated production and exploitation of biological materials for non-food uses
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Environmentally adapted mixed diesel fuel systems containing diesel, ethanol and RME

Contract nr: QLK5-CT-1999-01284
Project type: RS (Research and Technological Development Project)
Starting date: 01-01-2000
Duration: 48 months
Total cost: 893,400 EUR
EC Contribution: 399,430 EUR
Scientific Officer: Ciaran MANGAN
Research topic: 5.2. The integrated production and exploitation of biological materials for non-food uses

The purpose of this project is to reduce harmful emissions from diesel-powered vehicles and utilise set-aside farming land. The project concerns the formulation of environmentally adapted diesel fuels in the form of a microemulsion, where a part of the ordinary fossil diesel fuel is replaced with fuel from renewable resources (e.g. bio-alcohol). These fuels are expected to render lower NOx, carbon-monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate emissions; induce lubrication properties; and lower the net carbon dioxide charge to the atmosphere. The microemulsions will be tested with respect to physical and engine performance, which will form the criteria for further evaluation (e.g. eco-, tox- and techno-economical) and thus constitute the milestones in the project. The project will provide the scientific and technological basis for the formulation of diesel-biofuel microemulsions for further exploitation by the industrial contractor.

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