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Typical food products in Europe:
Consumer preference and objective assessment

Contract number : QLK1-2002-02225
Contract type : Shared Cost Project
Total cost : Under negotiation
EC contribution : Under negotiation
Starting date : not yet determined
Duration : 36 Months
Scientific Officer : Rosanna d'Amario
Project website :
Prof. Dr Georges Giraud
Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs des Techniques Agricoles de Clermont-Ferrand
Food Quality and Economics Department
63370 Lempdes
Tel.: +33473981336
Fax: +33473981390
E-mail: giraud @

Consumers have lost trust in certain foods as a consequence of recent contamination events. Typicality is part of the Designation of Origin (PDO/PGI labels) concept developed in the EU and a likely route to regain consumers' trust. It guarantees some organoleptic qualities and implies particular properties that may help to reduce consumers' risk perception by reinforcing intelligible traceability. Consumer science and marketing approaches will be used to identify the essential characteristics of typical food products from the consumers' viewpoint, and to determine the factors that motivate preference of these products by EU consumers. Objective qualities of typical food products will be assessed by sensory and chemical analysis and related to the consumers' perceived attributes. This multi-disciplinary approach will provide input for recommendations of strategies to construct typicality along the food chain.

  • Measurement of perception, demand for and actual purchase of typical food products by European consumers and determination of the most salient aspects (e.g. sensory characters, labelling, safety feeling) that motivate consumers' preference for typical food products from his/her own country and from other EU countries.
  • Identification of the intrinsic (sensory, physico-chemical) properties of typical food products by comparison with non-typical ones and translation into well-defined, measurable typicality characters that can be related to the food chain process.
  • Guidelines for European food supply chain and quality policy makers to produce and authenticate typical food products as well as to meet consumers' expectations.
(expected) Results and achievements
  • Data base on consumer purchase behaviour towards typical food products
  • Data base on sensory profiles of European typical food products
  • Selection of the best protocols to assess objective characters of typicality with food products
  • Models to predict consumer choice process of typical food products
  • Guidelines to build food products typicality according to consumer awareness and objective technical parameters
  • Guidelines to control typicality for benefit of producers, consumers and policy makers


Food Materials Science Division
Institute of Food Research
Norwich Research Park, Colney
NR4 7UA Norwich
United Kingdom
Rue de la Geraudière
44322 Nantes 3
Staatliche Lehr- und Forschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft, Weinbau und Gartenbau
Berufsbildende Schule
Fachbereich Kellerwirtschaft
Breitenweg 71
67435 Neustadt/Weinstraße
Department für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften
TU München-Weihenstephan
Fachgebiet für Marktlehre der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft
Alte Akademie 14
85350 Freising
Instituto de la Grasa
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
Avenida Padre Garcia Tejero 4
41012 Sevilla
Unidad de Economia Agraria
Servicio de Investigación Agroalimentaria Gobierno de Aragon
Avda. Montanana, 930
50080 Zaragoza
Quality Department of Agricultural Products
Agricultural Research Centre of Gembloux
Chaussée de Namur 24
5030 Gembloux

Fifth Framework Programme

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