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Traceability of fish products

Contract number : QLK1-2000-00164
Contract type : Concerted Action
Total cost : € 992.112
EC contribution : € 992.112
Starting date : 01/12/2000
Duration : 24 Months
Scientific Officer : Sigurdur Bogason
Project website :
Dr Petter Olsen
Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ltd.
Centre of Industrial Processing
Muninbakken 9-13
9291 Tromsø
Tel.: +47 77629231
Fax: +47 77629100
E-mail: petter.olsen @

The overall objective of this concerted action is to go some way towards establishing a broad consensus for what traceability data should be recorded and transmitted for fish products, and how these data should be coded. To accomplish this, we will establish a forum where representatives from various parts of the fish/product industries and research institutes can meet to discuss traceability related issues. This forum is implemented in the form of 4 conferences over 2 years with presentations, discussions and workgroups. Representatives from other food-chains will make presentations that will form a basis for discussion and a reference point in the fish/product chains. Suppliers and buyers of fish products will present their often conflicting views, systems and requirements. Researchers will share relevant results, especially relating to what data elements influence health, safety, shelf life and yield, and how these may be quantified.

  • To provide a forum for discussing traceability related industry issues in the fishing industry;
  • To facilitate the transfer of traceability related ideas and technology from other food industries to the fish/product industry;
  • To produce a document that recommends what data typically should be recorded and passed along for farmed fish and for captured fish;
  • To produce a document that recommends how these data should be coded and transmitted/shared electronically;
  • To result in implementation projects based on the common ground represented by the documents.
(expected) Results and achievements
  • 4 international conferences with focus on all the different aspects of traceability for fish products
  • one voluntary industry standard, establishing consensus with respect to what data should be recorded and made available in the chain for captured fish, from vessel to consumer
  • one voluntary industry standard, establishing consensus with respect to what data should be recorded and made available in the chain for farmed fish, from fish farm to consumer
  • one voluntary industry standard, establishing consensus with respect to how the data should be coded and transmitted or made available electronically


Tölvumyndir Ehf
Mörkinni 4
108 Reykjavík
Pieters Visbedrijf NV
Kolvestraat 4
8000 Brugge
Sintef Fisheries and Aquaculture Ltd
7010 Trondheim
FAO Eastfish
UN Centre Midtermolen 3
PO Box 0896
2100 Copenhagen
Vensy España S.A.
C/Ernest Hemingway, Pol. Ind. Guadalhorce, S/N
29004 Malaga
Gottfried Friedrichs GmbH & Co. KG
Borselstraße 26
22765 Hamburg
Akureyri Fishing and Processing Plc
600 Akureyri
Danish Institute for Fisheries Research
Department of Seafood Research
Soeltofts Plads
Building 221
2800 Lyngby
Union of Icelandic Fish Producers
Fjardargata 13-15
PO Box 20
220 Hafnarfirdi
National Technical University of Athens
Department of Chemical Engineering
Division of Process and Product Development IV
Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology
5 Iroon Polytechniou
157 80 Athens
Shorescape Ltd.
28 Chestnut Grove
Carrigaline, Co. Cork
Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories
Research and Development Division
Skulagata 4
PO Box 1405
101 Reykjavík
Hydro Seafood As
Sandviksbodene 66
PO Box 4102 Dreggen
5835 Bergen
University College Cork
National University of Ireland
Cork Coastal Resources Centre
Presentation Buildings
Western Road
Norway Seafoods Asa
Lysaker Torg 8
PO Box 195
1325 Lysaker
Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research
Marketing and Consulting Dept.
Haringkade 1
PO Box 68
1970 AB Ijmuiden
The Netherlands
Conservas Ubago S. L.
Carretera del Higuerón 135
11304 La Linea
Universidade do Porto
Centro de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental
R. Campo Alegre, 823
4150-180 Porto
Sainsbury Supermarkets Ltd
J. Sainsbury Plc
Meat Technical Dept.
Stamford Street
SE1 9Ll London
United Kingdom
The Robert Gordon University
Food Science and Technology Research Centre
School of Applied Sciences
St Andrew Street
AB25 1HG Aberdeen
United Kingdom
Fundación Azti
Food Technology Department
Txatxarramendi Ugartea Z/G
48395 Sukarrieta

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