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of Living Resources Programme

implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme (1999-2002)



  Key Action 1 : Food, Nutrition & Health

May 2002

Key Action 1 Food, Nutrition and Health

Edited by
Isabelle de Froidmont-Görtz
Alessandra Luchetti
Jürgen Lucas

"Key Action 1 "Food, Nutrition and Health" aims at providing a better understanding of consumer requirements and at providing a healthy, safe and high quality food supply while improving the competitiveness of the European Food Industry. ..."

Area 1: Development of safe and flexible and new and/or improved manufacturing processes and technologies
Area 2: Development of tests to detect and processes to eliminate infectious and toxic agents throughout the food chain
Area 3: Research into the role of food in promoting and sustaining health with respect to diet and nutrition, toxicology, epidemiology, environmental interaction, consumer choice and public health

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