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[ Area 3.1 ]
Improving the diagnostic and therapeutic arsenal for health care [ Introduction ]
[ Area 3.2 ]
Improving environmental sustainability [ Introduction ]
[ Area 3.3 ]
New biological and biotechnological products and processes for
agro-industry, agri-food and high value added chemicals
[ Introduction ]
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Area 3.1
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QLK3-2001-00090 Stable extracellular matrices as novel biotherapeutics for biomimetic induction of hard tissue growth (MATRIX)
QLK3-2001-00093 Biochemical and functional characterisation of antigen-presenting cell-derived exosomes: The design of a cell-free cancer vaccine (EXOSOME)
QLK3-2001-00225 Innovative therapeutics for the prototype autoimmune disease, myasthenia gravis (Immunotherapeutics)
QLK3-2001-00244 Novel in vitro testing platforms based on intra- and extracellular sensing (CellSens)
QLK3-2001-00277 Development of novel anti-bacterials and anti-infectives that target programmed bacterial cell death (BAS anti-microbials)
QLK3-2001-00283 Integrated in vitro and in vivo testing of drugs in prion diseases: screening, development and mechanisms of novel therapeutics (STOPTSEs)
QLK3-2001-00305 Deoxyuridine triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase as drug target for the control of protozoal and bacterial infections (dUTPase)
QLK3-2001-00401 Prevalidation of novel alternative pharma-/toxicological screening based on yeast expression technology (MULTIPLEX)
QLK3-2001-00407 Organotypic brain slice cultures as an alternative to in vivo experimentation in the study of brain repair mechanisms (ORCA)
QLK3-2001-00422 Targeting heme-oxygenase-1 or downstream processes: A new therapeutic approach for treatment of inflammation (HO-1)
QLK3-2001-00427 Gene therapy of hematopoietic stem cells for inherited diseases (INHERINET)
QLK3-2001-00498 Therapeutic molecules for modulation of ligand-receptor mediated apoptosis (Triskel)
QLK3-2001-00506 Research, selection and mechanism of action of potential therapeutic agents against Flaviviridae (Hepatitis C virus, Dengue virus, West Nile virus) (Flavitherapeutics)
QLK3-2001-01104 Novel therapeutic tools and strategies to fight polycystic kidney disease (GTPKD)
QLK3-2001-01982 Novel gene chip technology for simplified detection of molecularly heterogeneous genetic diseases: Detection of cystic fibrosis as a model (CF-CHIP)
QLK3-2001-02166 A Fusion Gene for the Treatment of Cancer (Scavidin)
QLK3-2002-01772 Blood grouping and genotyping: Improving patient safety and blood transfusion compatibility (BloodGen)
QLK3-2002-01775 Demonstration of the clinical utility of holoTC as an early marker of vitamin B12 deficiency (HoloTC)
QLK3-2002-01777 Generation of bioengineered pancreatic islet micro-organs for insulin replacement therapy in diabetes mellitus (Pseudoislet)
QLK3-2002-01918 Evaluation of the facilitation of umbilical cord blood transplant engraftment using ex vivo haematopoietic progenitors/stem cell expansion (EUROCORD III)
QLK3-2002-01936 Predicting outcome and developing new therapeutic strategies for haematological stem cell transplant recipients using in vitro techniques (TRANSEUROPE)
QLK3-2002-01949 Integrated strategy for efficient therapeutic retrovirus production based on modular cell lines (InsertAGene)
QLK3-2002-01955 Therapeutic strategies using VEGF substitutes and gene therapies to maintain the integrity of the arterial wall (VEGF Strategies)
QLK3-2002-01956 Interplay among mitochondria and p53 family proteins during apoptosis induced by DNA damage: A new strategy for cancer therapy (IMPALED)
QLK3-2002-01980 Development of an immunotherapy for breast cancer based on dendritic cells by developing and comparing different types of tumour-specific immunogens (Cancer Immutherapy)
QLK3-2002-01997 Novel GENE DRUG strategy based on hybridisation of functional entities to plasmids (EURO GENE DRUG)
QLK3-2002-02003 European standard operating procedures for electrochemotherapy and electrogenetherapy (ESOPE)
QLK3-2002-02010 A prime boost strategy for immunotherapy of breast and ovarian cancer (Prime Boost Ca Vaccine)
QLK3-2002-02017 Clearance of apoptotic cells: Discovery of autoantigens and therapy for autoimmune diseases (APOCLEAR)
QLK3-2002-02026 Allergen-derived DNA vaccines: Mechanisms involved in mouse and human models (ALLDNAVAC)
QLK3-2002-02029 Synthesis and mechanism of action of novel classes of retinoids and rexinoids with antineoplastic activities
QLK3-2002-02031 Neuropeptides for lung treatment of rare lung diseases, primary and secondary pulmonary hypertension (Neuropeotide Lung Therapy)
QLK3-2002-02039 Engineered mesenchymal stem cells combined with gene therapy for osteoarticular diseases (STEMGENOS)
QLK3-2002-02049 Heparanase inhibitors in antiangiogenic and antimetastatic cancer therapy (HEPARANASE)
QLK3-2002-02052 Semliki Forest virus based therapeutic systems (SFVECTORS)
QLK3-2002-02059 Targeting signals essential for angiogenesis: Gene therapy to prevent new vessel formation and to induce apoptosis and necrosis of tumour vasculature (anti-tumour angiogenesis)
QLK3-2002-02062 The alternative splicing database A novel tool to diagnose human disease (ASD)
QLK3-2002-02114 European network to develop new therapeutic strategies for Parkinson's Disease using lentiviral vector technology ((N)EUROPARK)
QLK3-2002-02119 Development and application of chromosome-based gene transfer vectors for cell therapy (Chromosome therapy)
QLK3-2002-02127 Demonstrating the applicability of novel indices of immunological tolerance to clinical practice using immunosuppression-free transplant recipients (Indices of tolerance)
QLK3-2002-02136 Profiling metalloproteinase inhibition for tumour therapy
QLK3-2002-02149 Anchored cAMP signaling implications for treatment of human disease (cAMP signalling)
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Area 3.2
QLK3-2001-00101 Testing integrated GM-Rhizoremediation systems for soil bioremediation (GM-Rhizoremediation)
QLK3-2001-00345 Molecular and engineering approach to anaerobic degradation of recalcitrant xenobiotic compounds: In situ removal of nitro- and aminoaromatic chemicals (MADOX)
QLK3-2001-00403 Whole-cell Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase biocatalysts: Methodologies for exploitation (BIOMEX)
QLK3-2001-00429 Development of systems to improve phytoremediation of metal contaminated soils through improved phytoaccumulation (PHYTAC)
QLK3-2002-01923 Biosensors for in situ evaluation of bioavailability of pollutants based on transcriptional regulators la carte (BIOCARTE)
QLK3-2002-01933 Eco-genomic survey of microbial diversity for lindane degradation: Formulation of catalysts for site intervention (LINDANE)
QLK3-2002-01938 Phototrophic biofilms and their potential applications: Towards the development of a unifying concept (PHOBIA)
QLK3-2002-01939 Micro-arrays for the detection of the abundance and distribution of pathogenic protozoa, flagellated algae and diatoms (MICROPAD)
QLK3-2002-01969 Protecting the benefits of Bt-toxins from insect resistance development by monitoring and management (ProBenBt)
QLK3-2002-01973 Developing single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers for adaptive variation in forest trees (TREESNIPS)
QLK3-2002-02063 Development and risk assessment of a field-based portable biosensor using genetically-modified bioluminescent bacteria (BIOGEM)
QLK3-2002-02068 Soil metagenomics to identify novel mechanisms of antagonism and antifungal activity for the improved control of phytopathogens (METACONTROL)
QLK3-2002-02075 Novel surfaces for switchable nucleic acids adsorption/desorption for analytical assays (DNA Switch)
QLK3-2002-02098 Pararetroviruses: Disease, integration and genomes (PARADIGM)
QLK3-2002-02140 Environmental impact assessment of transgenic grapevines and plums on the diversity and dynamics of virus populations (TRANSVIR)
QLK3-2002-02141 Development of a capacitance based immunodetection analyser for the assay of genetically modified organisms in foods (IMAGEMO)
QLK3-2002-02151 Ciliates as monitors for environmental safety of GMO (CIMES)
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Area 3.3
QLK3-2001-00149 Combinatorial engineering of glycoside hydrolases from the alpha-amylase superfamily (CEGLYC)
QLK3-2001-00278 Sensing and controlling single molecules by novel electrical, mechanical and optical methods with applications to nanobiotechnology (NANOCELL)
QLK3-2001-00435 Solvent tolerant bacteria allowing a broader performance of biotransformations of organic compounds in two phases (BARTOLO)
QLK3-2001-00448 Development of highly specific enzymes for genome manipulation (EnGeM)
QLK3-2001-00519 Directed evolution of enantioselective biocatalysts (EvoCatal)
QLK3-2001-00533 Engineering yeast for efficient expression of heterologous membrane transporters (EFFEXPORT)
QLK3-2002-01930 Investigation of biochemical and genetical diversity of terpenoid biosynthesis for the production of high value-added compounds (INTESY)
QLK3-2002-01940 Eukaryotic polyketides in surrogate hosts (EUKETIDES)
QLK3-2002-01945 Improving arable production systems by expressing marine algal rubisco in crop plants (MARISCO)
QLK3-2002-01967 Silicon biotechnology: Biofabrication of nanostructured silica and use of enzymes involved in metabolism of biogenic silica in industry and medicine (SILIBIOTEC)
QLK3-2002-01972 Multigenome access technology for industrial catalysts (MGAtech)
QLK3-2002-02032 Functional genomics and proteomics of Trichoderma antagonist strains for industry and agriculture (TRICHOEST)
QLK3-2002-02035 Compendium of Arabidopsis gene expression (CAGE)
QLK3-2002-02038 Demonstration of increased yield and productivity in selected commercial organisms by strategic transformation of key genes from Aspergillus niger (ANTICO)
QLK3-2002-02056 Gene mining of metagenomes for novel enzymes and therapeutics (Gemini)
QLK3-2002-02071 DNA replication and biotechnological applications (REPBIOTECH)
QLK3-2002-02086 Exploiting the secretion machinery of Pseudomonas for the nanotechnological production of pharmaceuticals (NANOFOLDEX)
QLK3-2002-02097 Developing a genomic toolbox for exploring and exploiting bacterial biodiversity (BACDIVERS)
QLK3-2002-02132 Microalgae as cell factories for chemical and biochemical products (ALGINET)
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