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[ Area 3.1 ]
Improving the diagnostic and therapeutic arsenalfor health care [ Introduction ]
[ Area 3.2 ]
Improving environmental sustainability [ Introduction ]
[ Area 3.3 ]
New biological and biotechnological products and processes for
agro-industry, agri-food and high value added chemicals
[ Introduction ]
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Area 3.1
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QLK3-1999-00020 Mesodermal stem cells: from basic biology to development of pre-clinical models of tissue replacement and cell therapy
QLK3-1999-00064 Antigen presentation by chaperon proteins and CD4+ T cell specific help for a new efficient strategy of cancer vaccination
QLK3-1999-00095 Glycosylation engineering for novel antibiotics
QLK3-1999-00099 The c-Ret receptor tyrosine kinase as a target for drug discovery
QLK3-1999-00217 Development of a cancer vaccine: Combining DNA and specific glycoprotein/glycopeptide formulation of a tumour antigen
QLK3-1999-00241 Thematic network around cystic fibrosis and related diseases
QLK3-1999-00364 Targeted vectors for cancer gene therapy: receptor and tran-scriptional targeting of retroviral, lentiviral, and adenoviral vectors
QLK3-1999-00380 Cord blood as an allogeneic source of stem cell for clinical use
QLK3-1999-00435 Electronic noses for non-invasive quality, safety and in-process control of industrial animal cell culture processes
QLK3-1999-00484 Cliniporator: a new adaptive generator for DNA electrotransfer in vivo for gene therapy
QLK3-1999-00531 Development of high-throughput PNA-based molecular diagnostic systems
QLK3-1999-00536 Biologically active novel glycosaminoglycans
QLK3-1999-00559 Biomechanical interactions in tissue engineering and surgical repair (BITES)
QLK3-1999-00620 Therapeutic recombinant allergens from structural allergology
QLK3-1999-00625 Tissue engineered nerve repair devices: development of European medical implantable device and research training focus
QLK3-1999-00650 Metabolic engineering of glycopeptide antibiotics: technology, optimisation and production
QLK3-1999-00672 Technology for the production of health related substances by marine sponges
QLK3-1999-00692 The plastid factory
QLK3-1999-00702 Pre-clinical evaluation of delivery systems for neuroprotective gene therapy in neurodegenerative diseases
QLK3-1999-00729 Designing and improving health and food related production processes using filamentous fungal cell factories
QLK3-1999-00811 Comparison and validation of novel pyrogen tests based on the human fever reaction
QLK3-1999-00859 Lentiviral vectors for gene therapy of the hematopoietic system: deve-lop-ment from bench to bedside
QLK3-1999-00875 Identification, lead generation, structural biology and validation of targets for cancer therapy: an integrated methodological approach
QLK3-1999-00894 European cell therapy in the nervous system (ECTINS)
QLK3-1999-01067 Therapeutic strategies for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT)
QLK3-1999-01262 Genetic programming of human cell factories for the specific treatment of cancer and viral infection
QLK3-2000-00076 Suppression of programmed cell death in industrial scale biological production systems
QLK3-2000-00079 Screening assays for new bacterial inhibitors based on targets active in septation
QLK3-2000-00084 Cellular production of human recombinant collagens, gelatins, laminins and growth factors and their use in vascular grafts and other applications
QLK3-2000-00131 Combinatorial biosynthesis: generation of novel therapeutic substances by combining genes from actinomycetes and cyanobacteria
QLK3-2000-00160 Evolutionary discovery of novel drugs by orchestration of polymer-supported combinatorial bio-/chemistry (COMBIOCAT)
QLK3-2000-00204 From conopeptide scaffolds to analgesic leads
QLK3-2000-00237 Functional characterisation of orphan G protein-coupled receptors and their validation as drug targets
QLK3-2000-00270 Human cell systems for predicting the allergenicity of genetically engineered proteins
QLK3-2000-00340 Oral delivery of vaccine and therapeutic products using non-pathogenic lactic acid bacteria
QLK3-2000-00513 Towards new antibiotics
QLK3-2000-00634 Therapeutic Oligomers for in vivo targeted gene modification
QLK3-2000-00721 New systems of controlled gene expression for improved delivery of therapeutic substances
QLK3-2000-00778 Aquaporin blockers for novel skin care products and diuretics
QLK3-2000-00785 The B-cell line DT40 as a genetic model and a substitute for animal research
QLK3-2001-00987 New drugs and treatment strategies of urinary incontinence and voiding disorders
QLK3-2001-01010 Targeted autonomous parvoviruses as anti-cancer tools to deliver immunostimulating molecules and activate cellular responses against tumours
QLK3-2001-01074 Cardiovascular angiography with digital imaging detectors. low doses diagnostic system for in vivo cardiological imaging (CANDID)
QLK3-2001-01169 Platelet diagnostics
QLK3-2001-01265 Suicide gene therapy in stem cell transplantation (SGT in SCT)
QLK3-2001-01275 Cellular production of Wnts, secreted growth and differentiation factors and their use as coordinators of organ specific stem cells
QLK3-2001-01318 Detection of early markers in mammography (Dear-Mama)
QLK3-2001-01495 Engineering human antibody derivatives, which specifically recognise and ablate new blood vessels, for the therapy of angiogenesis-related pathologies
QLK3-2001-01737 Clostridial-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (CDEPT): a novel approach to cancer treatment
QLK3-2001-01889 Development and clinical study of a bioartificial liver based on reversibly immortalised human hepatocytes
QLK3-2001-01976 A proteomics and structural genomics approach to therapeutic targeting of glycosaminoglycan-binding proteins
QLK3-2001-02120 Development of human dopaminergic neuronal cell lines for transplantation (DANCE)
QLK3-2001-02226 Biodegradable controlled drug delivery systems for the treatment of brain diseases
QLK3-2001-02345 Development of a rapid high-throughput assay for sensitive and specific detection and strain typing of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease based on fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS PRION TYPING)
QLK3-2001-02362 Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia (DIADEM)
QLK3-2001-02458 A systematic and multidisciplinary approach towards understanding and therapy of the inborn lysosomal storage disease alpha-mannosidosis
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Area 3.2
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QLK3-1999-00004  Enhanced, intelligent processing of food and related wastes using thermo-philic populations (INTELLTHERMCONTROL)
QLK3-1999-00041  Strategies to accelerate the productive biodegradation of several herbicides under environmental stress conditions (HERBIC BIOREM)
QLK3-1999-00080  Novel bioprocesses for hemicellulose up-grading (BIO-HUG)
QLK3-1999-00097  The use of mycorrhizal fungi in phytoremediation projects (MYCOREM)
QLK3-1999-00326  Use of bioavailability promoting organisms to decontaminate PAH-polluted soils: Preparation towards large scale field exploitation (BIOSTIMUL)
QLK3-1999-00590  Fungal metalloenzymes oxidizing aromatic compounds of industrial interest (PELAS)
QLK3-1999-01213  Novel remediation technology for vaccine production effluents containing organomercurials (ORGANOMERCURIALS)
QLK3-2000-00060  An ecologically safe selection system for transgenic crops based on modified plant-tubulin genes (ECOTUB)
QLK3-2000-00163  Multifunctional permeable barriers carrying well-performing microbial biofilms for treatment of mixed pollutant plumes (MULTIBARRIER)
QLK3-2000-00164  Endophytic degrader bacteria for improving phytoremediation of organic xenobiotics (ENDEGRADE)
QLK3-2000-00170  Exploring genomics to engineer an environmentally friendly microorganismfor bioremediation purposes (MIFRIEND)
QLK3-2000-00361  Virus-resistant transgenic plants: Ecological impact of gene flow (VRTP IMPACT)
QLK3-2000-00426  Engineering integrated biocatalysts for the production of chiral epoxides and other pharmaceutical intermediates (EPOX)
QLK3-2000-00479  An integrated approach towards removal by plants of toxic metals from polluted soils (METALLOPHYTES)
QLK3-2000-00481  Sensor arrays for environmental, generic and routine detection of pesticides (SAFEGUARD)
QLK3-2000-00547  Effects and mechanisms of Bt transgenes on biodiversity of non-target insects: pollinators, herbivores and their natural enemies (Bt-BIONOTA)
QLK3-2000-00607  Biological microanalysis of bacterial pollution for real time analysis of surfaces (BIO4SURE)
QLK3-2000-00650  New biosensors for improved detection of environmental contamination by anticholinesterase pesticides (ACHEB)
QLK3-2000-00731  Adaptation of microbial communities to organic contaminants in oligotrophics aquifers (AMICO)
QLK3-2000-01311  Evaluation/validation of novel biosensors in real environmental and food samples (VALIDATION OF BIOSENSORS)
QLK3-2000-01481  Intelligent signal processing of biosensor array using pattern recognition forcharacterisation of wastewater: aiming towards alarm systems (INTELLISENS)
QLK3-2000-01528  Biodiversity of methanotrophs and their bioremediation and biotechnological exploitation (BOMBBE)
QLK3-2000-01598  Impact of three selected biotechnological strategies for potato pathogen control on the indigenous soil microbiota (POTATOCONTROL)
QLK3-2000-01759  Ecological and environmental biosafety assessment of novel plant and microbial biotechnology products (ECO-SAFE)
QLK3-2001-01473  Expression profiles as fingerprints for the safety evaluation of new strains, including GMOs used in bioprocessed food (EXPRESS-FINGERPRINTS)
QLK3-2001-01629  Assembly and application of Photosystem II-based biosensors for large scale environmental screening of specific herbicides and heavy metals (BEEP)
QLK3-2001-01657  Analysis of geneflow from crop to wild forms in lettuce and chicory and its population-ecological consequences in the context of GM-crop biosafety (ANGEL)
QLK3-2001-02242  Gene flow from transgenic plants: evaluation and biotechnology (TRANSBAC)
QLK3-2001-02295  Dynamics and composition of filamentous microorganism communities in industrial water systems (DYNAFILM)
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Area 3.3
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QLK3-1999-00034 Polysaccharide molecular engineering – The use of mannuronan C-5 epimerases for the upgrading of alginates and heteromannuronans (POLYENG)
QLK3-1999-00089 Upgrading of sugar beet pectins by enzymatic modification and molecular farming
QLK3-1999-00104 In vitro production of high quality mammalian oocytes for biotechnology, assisted reproduction, breeding and toxicology-teratology purposes
QLK3-1999-00213 Controlling fatty acid breakdown in order to produce viable oilseeds with increased yields of novel oils (CONSAB)
QLK3-1999-00386 Molecular evolution of protease substrates involved in carcinogenesis by in vivo selection of retroviral display libraries
QLK3-1999-00413 Engineering of cellular quality control systems in Bacillus subtilis for the production of high value-added proteins
QLK3-1999-00533 Electric DNA chips for bioprocess control
QLK3-1999-00917 Exploitation of a novel sec-independent secretion pathway for protein production
QLK3-2000-00020 A functional blueprint for the Zea mays endosperm cell factory
QLK3-2000-00078 Improvement of transgene expression and gene silencing in transgenic plants
QLK3-2000-00082 The targeting and biosynthesis of membrane and secretory proteins
QLK3-2000-00103 Optimising nutritional quality of crops
QLK3-2000-00122 Exploitation of Streptomyces protein secretion for robust biopharmaceutical bioprocess development
QLK3-2000-00174 Applications of nanobiotechnologies to yeast: optimisation of bioprocesses for products of industrial, medical, and agricultural importance
QLK3-2000-00196 Changing maize grain development to provide lines better adapted to the European agricultural and commercial environment
QLK3-2000-00227 The dynamic nature of introgressive hybridisation in natural and introduced polyploid plants from agricultural and riparian landscapes: An evaluation of molecular tools in willows
QLK3-2000-00273 Engineering of hybrid proteins containing cellulose-binding domains – Novel biotechnological tools for pulp, paper and textile industry
QLK3-2000-00302 Precise and efficient genetic improvement of cereal seeds
QLK3-2000-00328 Transcription factors controlling plant responses to environmental stress conditions
QLK3-2000-00349 Rational engineering of lipid metabolism in flax to produce branched-chainfatty acids, unusual fatty acids with potent biolubricant properties
QLK3-2000-00362 The potential and application of virus host evasion genes that modifyapoptosis and cytokine responses
QLK3-2000-00365 Precision engineering of plant genes
QLK3-2000-00463 New anti-inflammatory natural products from medicinal plants using inducible transcription factors and their signalling pathways as molecular targets
QLK3-2000-00497 Construction of Corynebacterium glutamicum strains producing either L-valine or D-pantothenic acid – A rational approach using genome research
QLK3-2000-00640 Exploiting new solutes from hyperthermophiles for the preservation of biomaterials: cell factories for production of hypersolutes
QLK3-2000-00649 The European Sulfolobus Project. Screening for and expressing thermostable enzymes of industrial interest from Sulfolobus and other Crenarchaeotes
QLK3-2000-00720 Exploiting the HSP70 chaperone machine for novel therapeutic strategies in human diseases and for the engineering of productivecellular biomolecular factories
QLK3-2000-00725 Industrial biocatalysis with new oxygenases in a novel electro-enzyme reactor
QLK3-2000-00809 PROduction of high value-added carotenoids and proVITamin A in cell factory crops (ProVitA)
QLK3-2000-00924 Exploiting synthetic SH2-scaffolded receptoire libraries to profile cancer cells and to interfere with cancer-related phenotypes
QLK3-2000-01038 Disease insights from single cell signaling
QLK3-2000-01068 Genetic prospecting of biodiversity in geothermal habitats
QLK3-2000-01079 The European Wolbachia project: towards novel biotechnological approaches for control of arthropod pests and modification of beneficial arthropod species by endosymbiotic bacteria
QLK3-2000-01500 Nanobiotechnology and medicine (Nanomed)
QLK3-2000-01537 Exploiting yeast cell wall for high throughput screening of antimicrobial agents
QLK3-2000-01678 Exploration of genomic and metabolite diversity of a novel group of abundant soil bacteria
QLK3-2001-01586 Novel bioinsecticides fom insect parasitoids
QLK3-2001-01676 Novel bioreductions by hyperthermophilic microorganisms for the natural, specific and on-line production of fine chemicals
QLK3-2001-01783 Novel sources of actinomycete diversity for detection of antimicrobial agents with pharmaceutical applications
QLK3-2001-01890 Use of simple embryos to search for unknown genes controlling cell proliferation and death
QLK3-2001-02400 New products from starch-derived 1,5-Anhydro-D-Fructose (NEPSA)
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